The Elf on the Shelf – a Holiday Tradition

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Meet Sam, he is the magical elf who abides in our house. Every night when my children go to bed he flies to the North Pole to tell Santa all of the naughty and nice things my boys have done during the day. And by morning he finds a new place to hide in my house. When the children get up in the morning the first thing they do is scout around the house to find our magical elf Sam.
Maybe your family has this tradition too? This year is the first year that we are starting this fun holiday tradition! It all started when I heard about it at my son’s preschool. Their class has Sam the elf. Every morning when I drop my son off at school he tries to convince me there is an elf in his classroom, but since adults can’t see these magical elves, I just don’t know what he is talking about! A few weeks later he wrote a letter to Santa asking him for one thing…..yep – a magical elf named Sam. So what do you think showed up the next morning in our house? A magical elf named Sam!!
Sam has already grown to be a part of our family during the holidays. I am looking forward to many many years with Sam around!
Want to start your own “elf on the shelf” tradition? You can purchase the same Elf on the Shelf set as I did which comes with the elf and the corresponding book which explains the tradition. You can also purchase a plush elf which is cheaper, or some up with your own elf for your house! Don’t forget to give your elf a special name! At first I balked a little bit at the price of the whole set, but when I thought about it we are building memories. In ten years it won’t matter what the elf cost. All I will remember is the joy the kids woke up to every morning looking for the silly thing! I bought it, took it home, and didn’t have an ounce of regret about purchasing it! Especially not after the next morning when my boys woke up and spotted it on the shelf!

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  1. This is adorable. My first grade class has a leprechaun who visits the week before St. Patrick's day. This week is usually close to our state testing. He leaves items in the room for the students to find and notes on the board about their behavior. It makes the holiday fun.

  2. Jennifer - Mommy to 2 says:

    We are starting it this year too! I ordered mine the other day from Barnes and Nobles. It was %25 off and I had a $10 giftcard from almost a year ago that my husband kept forgetting to use. 🙂

    I can't wait to get ours.

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