Roadtrip with Kids – Photo Scavenger Hunt Activity

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I particularly like is the Photo Scavenger Hunt! (Although I also really like their “Middle of Nowhere Movies”!) I love the hands on interaction with technology in nature which fits right in with our family. There is SO much to learn both in nature and in technology and when you combine the two you can do some pretty awesome stuff! Creating memories while learning at the same time is golden to me. When we take road trips we are pretty hard core. We’ll drive up to 24 hours straight through with minimal bathroom and food/gas stops. BUT I always carefully look to see if there are any particular points of interest on our route and make sure to incorporate them as quick 15-20 minute stops along the way. If I can’t find anything we’ll schedule in a few geocaches. THIS is not only the perfect way for my kids to check out something new but for them to start checking things off of their photo scavenger hunt list. And truly – this is a great interactive activity for kids even when you aren’t traveling!

Themed Ideas for a Photo Scavenger Hunt

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  1. Signs – Have the kids take photos of particular signs along the way. Signs with 1-2 letters of their name on it. Signs with a city name, signs with a picture, signs of a particular color, etc.
  2. Animals – Animals will more than likely be a little more difficult so this is a good choice for older kids or zoo/aquarium trips.
  3. Colors of the Rainbow- This is particularly a good choice for younger kids because colors are fun to look for but can still provide a pretty tough challenge depending on where you are traveling.
  4. Flowers– This is a great choice which you can extend into further study after you get back home again! Have the kids take photos of as many flowers as they can, or flowers of a particular color and then try to figure out what kind they are!
  5. Mixture – This requires a little pre-planning but write a list of things that you want each child to find and snap a photo of based on the trip you are going on. You can also find plenty of free printable ideas online as well. Include a wide variety of things they must look for like a bus, cat, boat, red building, hot dog, etc. You can also make it more subjective by having them snap photos of things that make them feel: happy, sad, like jumping, like sleeping, etc.

 Which is your favorite?


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