Our Day Out with Thomas – A Fun Family Adventure

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This morning we went down to the Florida Railroad Museum in Parrish, Florida to have some fun with our boys at the Day Out with Thomas tour! I was just as excited as my boys were as I had always wanted to go! It was a HOT day and extremely sunny! But as we walked up to the gates there was a ton of fun going on inside!


There were mini-train rides pulled by a large tractor that my kids loved! We also got a “map” which we were to have stamped at each location – if we collected all of our stamps on our maps we could visit the prize tent! But FIRST – we headed over to catch a ride on Thomas! When you purchase your event ticket you have a specific time for your train ride. My kids went nuts when they saw Thomas pull by!



True to the kids cartoon this Thomas was a real live steam engine! And it looked EXACTLY like Thomas! The train was beautiful and inside it was rustic and memorable! I loved the old wood window frames in our train car! And there was a friendly conductor in each car who handed out stickers and special Jr. Engineer Certificates! The ride lasted 25 minutes.


There was of course a Thomas gift shop – I thought this Mega Bloks Thomas display was pretty cool!


OK – I HAD to make this picture HUGE as it is my favorite one from today!! While Thomas is loading and unloading passengers you can wait up in the front of the train and get pictures!! What an awesome idea! My kids were THRILLED! It was really cool – I absolutely loved that they did this for the kids. I also love that they allowed you to take your own pictures as well.


When you weren’t riding Thomas or browsing the gift shop, however, there were plenty of other things to do! There were kiddie swimming pools FILLED with bubbles and plenty of bubble wands to play with. There was a tent with tons of Thomas train sets and tables to play at (wooden and motorized!), sand tables, stamp tables, coloring tables, and make a necklace with macaroni noodles tables! 


There were also tents with story telling sessions, Thomas movies showing, photo booths with Sir Topham hat, painting faces and temporary tattoo booths. All of the workers were incredibly friendly and although all of the booths were constantly busy with children filled inside it never seemed too crowded or overwhelming. Throughout the field there were also several different bouncy houses and slides set up as well – ALL free to enjoy. The only extra costs were the gift shop of course and any food that you wanted to purchase. There were plenty of tables and chairs to eat at with live children’s entertainment as well.


ROAR! My boys wanted to be tigers! They came home with faces painted, tattoos and stamps all up their arms, stickers, and very sleepy eyes! They had a BLAST! Oh – and remember how I mentioned if they filled up their stamp map they would get a prize? Each child got (for free!) a Mega Bloks Thomas make-your-own train blocks, a 3D poster and a Thomas gear coupon!
You can see if Thomas is visiting a railroad near you here! You can also purchase tickets at that link which run about $14-$18. 
Disclosure: We received event tickets in exchange for this post. I was not otherwise compensated. All opinions are 100% my own.


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  1. It looks like you guys had a great time! We loved the event, and my kids thought riding on Thomas was really cool. Apparently we missed the face painting, though, which Rylie would have LOVED! Crazy that we were coming as you were going and we missed each other. We’ll have to coordinate better next year. 😉

    1. I know! I didn’t realize how many of us bloggers were there that day – I know of at least 4 including us! There was a girl doing face painting at the temp. tattoo booth but she may have decided to stop after a while! It certainly was a blast! I can’t wait to go again next year!

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