Our Day at The Giraffe Ranch in Dade City, Florida

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This morning to kick off our spring break week we took our oldest son to the Giraffe Ranch in Dade City, Florida. I never knew about this place until a few months ago I spotted a Groupon deal for it. It was about half off on the Groupon deal and I had a little bit of credit so I ended up spending $20 for my family to buy us all tickets to go. Otherwise it’s pretty pricey which I can understand! (about $50-60 per person!) However this is not just a zoo where you walk in and check everything out. You have to make a reservation and there is a set amount of people per day who are allowed on the property so it is really quite a small group. Contrary to the name of the place it is not just giraffes – there are a TON more animals!  The majority of the tour is on a jeep safari ride out into the fields. The Giraffe Ranch has just recently been opened to the public although the husband & wife team have had their animals for over 10 years! There was everything from zebras, deer, giraffes, camels, lemurs, chickens, goats, monkeys, birds, guinea pigs, cows, and much much more! Check out the fun we had today!!
 Check this out – it is ONE neck bone from a giraffe!!


 Fainting Goats! Hilarious!







 My favorite photos above & below!


It was definitely a once in a lifetime experience! If you ever have the chance to go (and can afford it!) it’s an amazing place. All of the animals are in huge areas that mimic their natural habitats. LOTS of open spaces. Absolutely beautiful. As close to an African safari as I’ll ever come!

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  1. The Frugal Free Gal says:

    Great photos! The goat picture still makes me laugh 😉 I can't wait to head to the zoo in April with C! This makes me want to go now!

  2. The Teachers Wife says:

    She'll love it!! My kids are so addicted to animals they would LOVE to own a whole farm of them! 🙂

  3. Hi! Just wanted to say that I LOVE the black and white picture of your son with my “son”, Max (aka Ferdinand) the calf. Such a sweet photo!

    Nicole Stewart
    Giraffe Ranch Animal Keeper

    1. Thanks Nicole! We had a fabulous day there and still talk about how much he loved that calf!! Thank you for the hard work you do with the animals – they are VERY well taken care of. It’s beautiful out there!

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