FREE Teacher Resources – A Guest Post by "The FL Teacher"

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FREE Teacher Resources

Guest Post by The FL Teacher
With today’s budget cuts and looking ahead to what seems to
be a bleak future for funding finding free resources on the internet has become
the key to making up the slack.  I know
in my own classroom I use several different types of resources in order to improve
test scores as well as draw the students into the lesson.  Today I am going to share a few of these
resources that I have found to be very helpful. 
The first comes from Manatee School District.  They have an amazing Reading Workshop that
incorporates all the different fundamentals of Reading.  From Phonemic Awareness to Reading
Comprehension skills, this website is an excellent resource for any elementary
school teacher.
In an age when communication is vital with parents a website
is one of the best ways to keep them informed of homework, and daily
achievements.  This website offers a free
website for teachers.
Web quests, the new cost effective field trip, a virtual
fieldtrip that is.  This website
incorporates different topics for the 1st -5th curriculum in Science and Social
Studies.   It is a great way to teach
your students about a topic and make it interesting.
Hooda Math, an awesome website that has worksheets, videos,
and games for you to use in your classroom. 
It is also a neat resource to give to parents at the beginning of the
year for extra practice.
There are 1,000’s of free quality online resources to that
can be used in a classroom or with a child at home.  Every day I post new resources that I have
used or found on my blog.  If this is
something that you would be interested in or would like more information about
please feel free to visit me at anytime at www.
The FL Teacher is one of my “real-life” friends who is an elementary school teacher and has an endless amount of teacher resources!! If you’re looking for good quality free teacher resources make sure to visit her blog and let her know I sent you!!

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