Pool Noodle Alphabet Stacking Game for Kids

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Pool noodles are for more than just swimming! They can help kids have fun in the pool – but did you know that they can also help keep their brains in motion during the summer as well? This pool noodle game will get your kids stacking alphabet letters in no time!

Pool Noodle Alphabet Stacking Game

 PLUS pool noodles are SO cheap! Take a look below at how we turned a simple pool noodle into an educational game for kids.  There are an endless amount of ways you can use them in learning with children and this Alphabet Letter Stacking Game is just one of them!

Materials Needed:

Pool Noodles 
Serrated Knife
Permanent Marker
Flat surface (ie – cookie sheet, cutting board, etc)
Large bowl/bin

Pool Noodle Alphabet Stacking Game for Kids

Pool Noodle Game Directions:

1. Begin by placing your pool noodle on a hard flat surface and then cut your pool noodle into 2 inch segments using a serrated knife in a sawing motion. The knife will easily slice through the pool noodle but you’ll definitely want a firm grip as there’s quite a bit of resistance during the “sawing” action. It also makes a bit of a mess so I don’t recommend doing this over a carpeted area!

2. Use the permanent marker to write each one letter of the alphabet on EACH side of EACH noodle slice – one letter per slice. For example, pick up one slice and write the letter “A” on two sides. Grab the next pool noodle slice and write the letter “B” on two sides until you make it all the way to “Z”.  Make sure to press firmly so the color sets in well. Personally I tend to retrace over my letters to thicken them up a bit so they are easily recognizable for kids.

3. You’re ready to stack! Depending on the age and ability of your child you can have them begin stacking pool noodles in letter sequence, alphabetical order, vowels, consonants, building words, etc. Make sure they say each letter aloud as they stack them! See more ideas below!

4. KNOCK THEM DOWN! Then start all over again!

Alphabet Letter Pool Noodle Game Ideas:

  • Stacking letters A-Z.
  • Stacking only vowels.
  • Stacking only consonants.
  • Creating words in stacks such as names, sight words, etc. (NOTE – this may require additional letters to be added!)
  • Give your child a word and have them search for the beginning (or ending) letter!
  •  Timed searches – look for the letter “D” in 10 seconds or less, etc.


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