Candy Holiday Mice Recipe

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For THANKSGIVING: The book Thanksgiving Mice! works great for November!

For CHRISTMAS: The book Christmas Mice! or the more traditional The Night Before Christmas book works well to pair with this activity – easy enough  for younger helpers or classroom projects!

Candy Mice

To make this adorable little candy mouse you’ll need the following ingredients:

Cherries with stems
Hershey’s Kisses

Melting Chocolate (dark or milk chocolate are OK)
White Icing
Red Gel Icing
Slide Almonds
Wax Paper

holiday candy mice recipe

Above are the ingredients we used but of course you can sub out and use something else that you think would work better!

Candy Holiday Mice

First, gather the cherries and carefully lay them out, being very careful not to break the stems. Then melt the chocolate and dip the cherries partially in the chocolate – only covering the front and bottom. Also dip the bottom of the Hershey’s kiss in the melted chocolate and attach it to the side of the cherry to form the mouse body as you see in the photos.

Next dip two similar looking almonds into the melted chocolate and carefully slide between the cherry and Hershey’s kiss. Let dry. Use the end of a toothpick to add some white icing on the top of the Hershey’s kiss to look like eyes, then do the same with the red gel icing and apply to the white icing to complete the eyes. Let harden!

When the chocolate dries and has hardened it will be easy to maneuver the mice around – just don’t stack them on top of each other!

 These are a fun and fairly simple classroom project/treat to make in conjunction with books and of course for parents as gifts or to make with your kids on Christmas Eve this year while reading Christmas stories! Feel free to pin this and share it with your friends!

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