Pool Noodle Game – Memory Game for Kids

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There’s just something about Pool Noodle games that get kids excited! Our Alphabet Letters pool noodle game was so popular we decided to put this one together too! Below is a brief tutorial on how to make this pool noodle game for kids and various ways you can use it.

Pool Noodle Game - Memory Game for Kids

For about a buck each pool noodle this game is cheap to make! You can create all sorts of educational games with these fun and silly styrofoam toys and this Pool Noodle Memory Game is just one of them!

Materials Needed:

Pool noodles
Serrated Knife
Permanent Marker 
Large bowl, bin or water table

Pool Noodle Game - Memory Game for Kids

1. Begin by cutting your pool noodle into 1-2 inch segments. Use the serrated knife in a sawing motion until the segments are cut. I find that I need to use my knife tip to poke a hole in the pool noodle just to get started. Try to keep the pool noodle as smooth as possible so that you can draw your dots on each layer. Keep carefully applying a firm sawing motion until you’re all the way through the noodle.

You’ll want to make sure you’re cutting on a hard surface for safety and to help contain the mess made while cutting your pool noodle slices. 

Pool Noodle Game - Memory Game for Kids

2. Use the marker to make a series of dots on the inside of the noodle as shown above. Color in and press firmly so the color sets well and be easily viewed. For each set of dots you make you’ll need to make another pool segment with the identical matching pattern on it to create a matching set. For example, grab two slices of pool noodle and on EACH slice make three dots so that your child will need to find BOTH pool noodle slices with 3 dots on them.

3. Continue creating matching sets until your pool noodle is gone or until you have  7-10 matching sets. You can even use shapes or letters if you want! Allow the Sharpie ink to dry well.

4. Fill a large bin or kiddie pool with water (or the bathtub!) or simply lay your pool noodles pieces flat down on the floor or table.

5. Toss the pool noodle segments into the water making sure the pattern is facing down into the water. Let the kids pick up one segment at a time trying to match it with the other pool noodle segment that matches. If they don’t match them they have to return them to the water! (This also makes a great inexpensive carnival game!)

Other Pool Noodle Game Variations:

  • Match pool noodle slices with the same shapes or letters.
  • Use the dots on the pool noodles to add, subtract or multiply simple math facts.


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