One Way We Survive on a Teacher’s Salary is by Staying Healthy!

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Since our whole family is sick this weekend it seemed fitting to mention that one very critical way we survive on our budget is by staying healthy! A bit of an oxymoron at the moment!! But seriously – it is worth spending the extra money for preventative care (such as vitamins, disinfectants, etc) than it is to get sick. Our health insurance is rather lousy – so we try very hard to give the kids probiotics when their tummies are sick, we make sure they wash their hands properly, and we wipe down doorknobs and handles – especially when someone is sick. A little bit of health prevention can go a long way!
Soon I will be announcing a healthy campaign that I have joined with for the next two months along with a few other bloggers. I feel strongly about trying to keep in good health – whether it’s exercising, eating right, taking vitamins, etc. You’d be surprised what kids will take – my kids LOVE fish oil believe it or not! They beg for it every day and my little guy actually cries when he runs out. Odd – I know! 
With the beginning of the school year comes a LOT of new germs for both kids and teachers. Here are a few simple tips to help keep you and your kids healthy:
Wash your Hands – A LOT!
Stay away from sick people – easier to say than do sometimes.
Take vitamins – even if it’s just a multivitamin – kids and adults!
Eat healthy! Your body will thank you for it!
Exercise Daily.
Get good sleep at night.
Relax – plan some fun in your day to relieve stress!
If you do get sick – don’t try and wait until the last minute when you’re so sick you can’t move (which is usually what I do!!). It will only prolong your recovery time if you wait too long.

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  1. Jennifer - Mommy to 2 says:

    I hope all of you get well soon! Enjoy the long weekend.

    We are all sick too (well except my Husband). Welcome to school! 😛

    Yes. Our insurance is awful. $275 for one ENT appoinment during the summer…and it wasn't the only one.

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