Organizing Schedules and Appointments – Never Miss an Appointment Again!

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I have two different ways that I organize my schedules. One is my blogging schedule, and one is my appointments.
I invested in this amazing planner I found at Walmart made by Carolina Pad. It was just under $10 and was worth every penny plus some!! You can see that it’s super stylish and on the sides has tabs for the months. Inside it has a monthly calendar, daily calendar with lines to write your to do list, a place for notes in the back, and a section with pockets as well. It also has a mini calendar with lines for notes on dates past the actual planner so you can reference things when you need to switch to a new planner.



This planner is strictly ONLY for my blog work. You could easily use this as a teacher or college student for your classroom as well. In the monthly calendar pages I write what posts are going up and at what times. This way you don’t have 10 posts all at the same exact time every day! This also helps me pre-post my blog posts when I am planning on being away on vacation as well. Can you tell that I’m just a bit busy? 🙂
On the daily notes section I write every day what I need to get done. Whether it’s writing a review, posting a giveaway, emailing a rep, etc. – it’s all there. I can also write down when my giveaways are ending, keep track of Twitter parties, and blogging conferences!


For personal scheduling there are two main ways that I can think of (non-electronically) that you can plan. Before kids I had a small pocket calendar that I kept with me everywhere which was handy for writing appointments in. Now that the kids are busy as well, I needed something bigger and more visible for the entire family to see. So I ordered a wall calendar from VistaPrint when it was FREE! (They always have all sorts of freebies so make sure to check them out!) I love it because it has pictures of my kids on it, and I can completely personalize it. I can input special dates like birthdays and anniversaries, and the calendar is big enough that I can write all of our daily activities on it as well. It is hung in a central location in our house so that everyone can write their activities on the calendar. If it’s not on the calendar it doesn’t get done.
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