My Father’s Daughter Book Review

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My Father’s Daughter
by Teresa Marotta
My Father’s Daughter by Teresa Marotta is a book with suspense, adventure, and romance which takes place in the 17th century. This historical novel revolves around the Cherokee Native Americans during the end of the Civil War. Throughout the book you will read about real authentic Cherokee ceremonies that were passed to the author, Teresa Marotta, from the medicine woman and keeper of the flame for the Cherokee nation in Oklahoma. This rich history really makes the story come alive!
Amelia, one of the main characters, finds her deceased father’s old journal and becomes captivated as she reads his secretive interactions with the Cherokee people. Although during the Civil War many people were afraid of Native Americans, Amelia’s father secretly traded goods with them, and visited their tribe every year. As she reads through his journals she finds the astonishing fact that she has a half-sister which lives in the Cherokee tribe. And here is where her adventure begins.
This is a fabulous story which shows courage, kindness, love, bravery, and acceptance which crosses cultural barriers. Join Amelia on her stubborn and brave journey to meet the Cherokee tribe, and her search for a sister she never even knew existed. She finds love, is captured by neighboring enemies, and finds the family she never knew of.
I really enjoyed this book! I definitely recommend this book. It is a great book for all ages & is “PG” rated. I certainly was not familiar with a lot of the Cherokee traditions so that was very intriguing to learn more about their culture. This is a really fun enjoyable book with a great story full of twists and turns to keep you guessing. I loved the intrigue it brought throughout the story- it really kept me turning the next page! I had to block out my whole afternoon to read this and it was definitely worth it!
My Father’s Daughter is currently only available to buy on Amazon, and will be available for the Kindle this weekend!!!
Q & A with the Author, Teresa Marotta
1. What inspired you to write this story?
          I’m really not sure.  It just started to ferment in my mind until I had to put it on paper.

2. Was there a lot of research involved?

          Yes.  I was expecting research for a historical romance, but didn’t realize the depth and detail that never even occurred to me to have to research.  It really slowed the flow of the writing every time I had to stop to check out a historical detail, like, did they have bathtubs or indoor toilets in this time period?  Did they have matches yet? 

3. Do you have any other books that you have written? 

          This is my only fiction novel at this point although I am working on my second entitled the Grave Tracker.  It’s totally modern day so the writing should go faster.

4. What were your favorite subjects in school?

          English and Journalism.

5. How long did it take you to write “My Father’s Daughter”?

          Two years.
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