Giant Microbes Hay Fever Review

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It’s SPRING and allergies have sprung! Do you have problems with Phelum pratense pollen? Not sure? You just might! Phelum pratense pollen, AKA Grass pollen is a nasty problem for people especially right about now! This Giant Microbes Hay Fever review might be just what the doctor ordered!
I know my own kids have had their allergies and asthma problems due to this little fella. Giant Microbes has a new spring line, and with it come the affectionate (or not so affectionate!) Hay Fever! They also have Tick and Chagas!


When Giant Microbes contacted me about their spring line I chuckled because my son you see here is highly allergic to grass pollen. It just seemed so fitting that they wanted to send me one! But it has been extremely helpful in teaching my son about allergies, and what he is allergic to.
Not only that but it has turned into a science lesson about pollens and how they travel as well! Now instead of being frustrated at not feeling good, my son embraces the fact that we have to have grass pollens to have grass. As annoying as they may be they really are a good thing!


 I Love Giant Microbes! They are the most unique and clever but addicting company I’ve seen! They sell plush and vinyl microbes from Bird Flu to E. Coli! The really cool thing is that these plush microbes actually look like the real microbes (if you saw them under a microscope of course!) 
You can search their list of plush microbes under their common name (such as flea or bed bug) and their scientific name (such as Ctenocephalides felis or Cimex lectularis)! AND you can search under the type of disease it is such as Infirmities, Maladies, Critters, Aquatics, Exotics, etc..



What can you do with Giant Microbes plush toys?

Pass a few diseases out to your co-workers, send them as a joke, collect them for your science lab, use them to teach your kids and students about viruses- the possibilities are endless! And you can’t beat the price! The regular size is only $8.95 which I thought was very reasonable.
Some of the diseases come in a petri dish size (3 plushes in a petri dish) and those are only $12.95! My Hay Fever came with a little book of all the different microbes that are sold. And do you want to know what my son has been doing? Looking through the book asking what the name of every single microbe is, then asking what it does! Talk about some serious educational opportunities!

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