Monsters Inc. Disney Inspired Birthday Banner #DisneySide

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Monsters Inc Disney Inspired Birthday Banner

SH! Don’t tell my son! We are celebrating my son’s birthday at Disney this summer on a big family road trip with all of his cousins so I have been pre-working on birthday party decor. Nothing super fancy since I will have to trek it all down to Florida from Iowa but I didn’t want anything costly because, let’s face it, Disney is costly enough! This Monsters Inc. inspired birthday banner will be the perfect touch to decorate the house with! And it’s simple to create!

Monsters Inc Inspired Birthday Banner

For a Monsters Inc. theme you’ll need blue, green, and purple cardstock, some yarn, googly eyes, and a bit of glue.

Monsters Inc Inspired Birthday Banner


Cut as many green and blue triangles as you’ll want for the length of your banner. You can just freehand a triangle and use it as a template for the others or google for a banner PDF template. On the green triangles glue one google eye. (large ones look best but I only had the smaller ones at the time) Cut out (or press out with a circle paper puncher) purple circles then glue randomly on “Sully’s blue banner”. Add a hole on either side of the triangle at the top to thread the yarn through and hang where desired! Super easy and frugally festive!

DIY Disney Countdown Chain for travel and kids

PLUS if you’re planning a Disney trip you can make this super easy and fun paper countdown chain – Disney themed! You’ll need strips of red paper (with 2 white dots painted on), yellow strips of paper, white strips of paper, and black strips of paper (with 2 circles taped on for “ears”). Just put them together like a traditional paper chain and it will be Disney themed! 🙂

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    I’m planning to take my children to Disney this summer as well, driving from Illinois. Can’t wait to read more posts regarding frugal Disney traveling and trips. 🙂

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