FREE Gingerbread Printable Holiday Friends Preschool Craft

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 Some of my favorite holiday activities is crafting with preschoolers and this Gingerbread Friends craft is awesome not only for teaching about friendship but it can be used even with those school or church groups that can’t celebrate Christmas or Santa!

Gingerbread Friends Preschool Craft

It goes great paired with the children’s book Gingerbread Friends by Jan Brett. PLUS it also goes perfectly with our FREE Gingerbread Preschool Printable worksheet set we have available. So grab your supplies and share your Gingerbread friend creations with us!

Gingerbread Friends Preschool Craft 

Gingerbread Friends Supplies: 

Gingerbread Activity Directions:

Gingerbread Friends Preschool Craft 

1. Print out and cut out the gingerbread man cookie template by clicking on the image below and print the page in full size if you want one giant one or you can save it as an image and add several of them into a word doc or power point.

Gingerbread Man Template

2. Use the brown pen to trace your gingerbread men cookies onto the brown construction paper.

3. Cut out (or have children cut out) the gingerbread men. 

Gingerbread Friends Preschool Craft 

4. Have the child write his/her name on the back of their gingerbread friend.

5. Have kids decorate the gingerbread man with the available embellishments. Notice how everyone’s gingerbread man look different! They are all unique just like us! There are no two alike! (just like snowflakes too!)

Gingerbread Friends Preschool Craft




5. Last, have children use the glue to secure the assembled pieces to their “cookie”.

Here are a few of our Gingerbread Friends we made for ideas but you can make yours any way you want!

Gingerbread Friends Preschool CraftGingerbread Friends Preschool Craft

Other Gingerbread Men Template Ideas:

  • Create a gingerbread men holiday banner and tape them together.

  • Print 2 together with paper in between to make holiday books.

  • Poke holes in the top and create a gingerbread man hanging mobile!

  • Use them to write something kind about another classmate on them and hang them up.

  • Print on brown card stock and paste a paint stick on the back to make it a puppet.

  • Print, laminate, then use for themed flashcards. Use dry erase markers to write numbers, letters, word blends, sight words, etc.!

Gingerbread Men Themed Books:



Other Holiday Activities for Kids:

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