Mega Bloks Thomas and Friends Sodor Search and Rescue Review

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When I was offered the opportunity to review the Mega Bloks Thomas and Friends Sodor Search and Rescue set I eagerly agreed. Not only are my boys huge fans of Thomas but our family loves the Mega Bloks brand! Mega Bloks are great for encouraging stronger coordination skills and creativity,
When we received our package in the mail I let my boys open it up- you should have seen their eyes light up when they saw the Thomas and Friends Sodor Search and Rescue set!

There are a few really nice features that I like about this Mega Bloks set as a parent. One is that the playset also doubles as a storage container-with a locking lid! I can’t tell you how many tracks and trains we have laying around our house, under beds, and behind dressers. It’s very difficult to keep up with all of the pieces, so when I saw that this Mega Bloks set actually came in a storage container which holds all of the tracks, cranes, and other pieces to this set I was thrilled!

Another thing that worked great for our family is that this set came with Thomas the Tank Engine, a car to pull behind him, and Harold the helicopter. Since I have two boys it was such a relief that they could each play with this set and not constantly fight over who’s turn it was to play next. In fact I haven’t seen the boys play this much together ever really! It was amazing to see both my two year old and my four year old play side by side for hours. Every day they ask to bring the set out and both run over to the table to play together. I love that at least for a short time anyway, the brothers have become best friends! Something about boys and trains…..

Isn’t that precious? Keeping the two of them occupied together for hours on end alone is worth purchasing the set!! I didn’t realize this when I first opened up the Mega Bloks set, but the Thomas and Harold that came with the set are both Mega Bloks themselves! You can take each one apart and rebuild them again. My oldest son LOVED this. He kept taking them apart and switching their pieces around. Then he would switch the wheel from Thomas onto the cart and back and forth again.
As you can see below Harold also has his own helicopter launching pad. The entire set is really easy to put together, although I do have to help my son put it together in order for the set to be put up correctly. There are actually various ways that you can build this set to play with which is nice for variety. It also has a crane that the children can swing around and lower to pick up materials with as well. You can’t really see it in my pictures but there is also a set of doors which swing open that the trains can pass through. Plus the track on the red container moves around so that you can switch trains onto different tracks!


My boys are younger so they did have a little bit of coordination problems and kept accidentally knocking the tower down and the heli-pad off, but we just moved them to new locations and that seemed to fix the problem. I cannot tell you how much I love that it comes inside a locking storage container! If you have children- especially boys that have a zillion cars and trucks- you will definitely appreciate the storage aspect.

Here you can watch a video of my boys playing so that you can see all of the fun aspect to this Thomas and Friends Mega Bloks set.
The 48 piece Thomas and Friends Sodor Search and Rescue set is geared for ages 3 and up and retails for $29.99 You can find it at Walmart, Toy R Us, Target, and Amazon. You can also find printable coupons, offers, contests, sweeps, promos, and a lot more from Mega Bloks when you sign up for their Mega Bloks Family Club!
Disclosure: I was not compensated for this review. I received a toy set in order to form my own opinions. All opinions are 100% mine.

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