Uncle Milton’s Ant Farm Revolution Review

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To kick off our holiday celebration season Uncle Milton has joined with us to present their Ant Farm Revolution as an awesome educational Christmas gift idea! These are GREAT for your classroom too!  I have to say that I have been petrified of ever having an ant farm in my house for obvious reasons of the kids potentially letting loose all of the ants but this Ant Farm Revolution is incredible and the experience that we had was worth it! (and no- none of the ants were let loose in my house!!)


The Ant Farm Revolution is a simple plastic container which rotates and has an LED light button so that you can see the ants on your ceiling (we’ll get to that in a minute!). Inside the green gel you see is a nutrient rich translucent gel which enables your ants not only to get the nutrients they need but also enables you to watch the ants in 3D as they are tunneling! When we received this kit we just sat and watched the ants for a very long time – it was fascinating! (the ants are ordered separately from the kit)


How amazing is this?? When you first open up the ant kit (before the ants are put in) you need to poke 4 short holes with the provided materials into the gel to help the ants get started. Add the ants, and watch them go! And boy do they move quickly!! This ant started building this tunnel within the first half hour we put the ants in the container!! This is an amazing kit for kids at home and definitely for your classroom as well. It’s very low maintenance as you do not have to do a single thing for it once you place the ants in. Just let it sit on your shelf and watch!


By the next morning look at all of the tunnels that our ants had built! I wish I had a special up-close video or photos so you could actually watch the ants and the teamwork they did to build these tunnels. It was really amazing to see for yourself in person! If you notice at the top of the photo all of the ants are in a huddle….they actually went up there to sleep together and also to clean together (which I had no idea that ants did!!).


As the ants began tunneling, they would carry small pieces of gel from the tunnels back to the top of the container and make piles – very similar to you actually seeing an ant hill outside!


Ok, I have to admit, I was a little creeped out that these huge red ants would come and get me when we first received our kit! But I got over it after a day! My kids just absolutely loved watching the ants, as well as did my husband and I. I learned a LOT of things I never knew about ants with Uncle Milton’s Ant Farm Revolution!


One REALLY unique and awesome feature of the Ant Farm Revolution is the LED light I told you about in the beginning of this post. Uncle Milton has the best view of this that I borrowed below so you can get an idea of how it is supposed to look. We took our ant farm into a dark room and turned on the light button….the LED light then shines through the container and is projected through the top of the lid onto the ceiling. When you look up at the ceiling you can actually “see” the ants crawling around on the ceiling – our boys thought this was especially neat!! It cast a shadow effect on the ceiling. You can view this promo video from Amazon because you can see the actual shadows of the ants that it portrays in the video. It really does work exactly like it should!
Now the ants in this kit should last a few months, although ours only lasted about a month. I have a feeling being in a warm Florida house may have had something to do with it! I did keep it out of the sunlight though. The price runs roughly about $30 which is a little more expensive that some other “animal” kits but to be honest if you think about the lessons you are teaching your children from this kit it really is worth the price. And a big plus is that once your ants do die, you can reuse the same kit with the same gel – a great idea for teachers who want to reuse it from year to year. You can also purchase ants, ant food, and club kits with fun ant anatomy posters and more from Uncle Milton so that you can continue reusing the kit as many times as you wish.
Look at those 3 ants on the above right picture! Watching them I swore they were stuck in there as they seemed not to move for the longest time but sure enough they would start working and taking small gel pieces back up to the top of the container! It seemed as though the ants were waiting in a line taking turns to get pieces of the tunnel removed!
I HIGHLY recommend this Ant Farm Revolution kit as an awesome Christmas present idea. It really is good for kids from preschool all the way through adults. A person of any age not only will enjoy it but if they watch closely will learn a lot more about ants than they knew before they received the kit!! We enjoyed our kit with our boys but my husband will be using it in his classroom by the end of the year! The ants from Uncle Milton arrive in a small vial but were very easy to dump into the container. I was never afraid that the ants would get out or bite me at all as I transferred them.
One lucky reader will win their own Ant Farm Revolution for Christmas this year!! To enter just follow the steps below in the Rafflecopter entry form! Make sure you let Uncle Milton know how much you appreciate this giveaway!! I’d love to hear who you want to win it for! Visit Uncle Milton to learn more about their great educational and fun products!

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    All my life, I've wanted an ant farm. I used to beg my parents for one at every birthday and Christmas… never got one. If I win this, I'm keeping it for myself! I might let my kids look at it from time to time 😉

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