Outdoor Living Patio Makeover Ideas for Your Home

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I have an obsession for decorating my patio and outdoor living space – Outdoor Living our Patio Makeover was a success! We have a large backyard, a pool deck, and a front AND back screened in porch area. That’s a lot of outdoor space to spruce up! The only furniture that we had was 1 old plastic chair and an old patio table that I picked up off the side of the road. That’s it!

When we have birthday parties, family get-togethers, and friends over we all have to stand when we go outside. Pretty sad huh? During the warm months (in Florida it’s almost every month!) we are literally outside every single day for a few hours!

We spend a LOT of time outdoors!

Here is our BEFORE / AFTER picture of our main deck area from everything we picked up!

before and after outdoor patio makeover

Isn’t that a HUGE difference?? When we found out that we were going to be participating in a Outdoor Living patio makeover I was PSYCHED! I LOVE having company over but we never have anywhere to sit.

Our friends are always nice about standing but I usually end up dragging our nice dining room chairs outside just so we can sit somewhere.


The first thing that was WAY at the top of our list was to buy chairs- and lots of them! Chairs however, are not cheap!! Our first trip we wiped out most of our budget just buying chairs so we could sit! 

Our Outdoor Living section had quite a selection of chairs which made our job really easy! The hard part was to get all of the chairs home! Needless to say we ended up making several trips to the store for this opportunity!

My husband has always wanted Adirondack chairs, so of course we had to make sure to grab 2 of those. And as we were walking around Kmart we saw this fantastic kids picnic table! I saw it and knew it would be a GREAT choice for our family.

We always have kids over and my kids could even use it on the back porch after the party. It will be getting a LOT of use at our house. I was very impressed with the quality of it. To be honest it’s as good of quality as any regular picnic table. Very sturdy and will last for years.

plastic lawn patio chairs in store
kids picnic table red

There were so many great patio furniture sets which I drooled over! The first amount of money that was allotted to us did not afford for a patio table set, so we bought chairs to match our old table.

A week later we were gifted with even more money, so we put the extra money to good use and purchased several other luxury items which we could not have bought otherwise! You can see the fire pit above that my husband was quite desirous of! 

I loved the decoration of it and it worked well when we used it! And the glider swing has been one of our family’s favorites! We use it every day on our back porch.

One thing I really wanted when re-doing our patio was some nice garden plants to make it look pretty. Our backyard is pretty void of plants and I thought flowers would really cheer things up a bit.

I was quite surprised and very impressed with the garden center! Would you believe that all of the plants that I looked at were in amazing condition?! Even through our Florida heat! They had a pretty awesome selection too!

outdoor black metal fire pit

They had a lot of pots, but not a lot of decorative planters. I LOVED this tricycle planter though! It was a bit of a splurge for me as it was on sale for about $37! (OUCH I know!) I’m very glad I bought it though because it really adds a touch of decoration to my porch!

I also bought some begonias for my tabletop, as well as a banana tree, several caladiums (pink/green elephant ear looking plants), and the purple flowers below but I can’t remember what they were!

In addition to plants I bought tiki torches to decorate our deck with and help keep the mosquitos away, tablecloths for our tables, and pretty spring plastic dishes for our get together!

Of course we had to grill food for a summer party too! Then I made a fresh homemade blueberry cobbler which was absolutely delicious! It did not make it through the end of my party and I am pretty sure that I will be making another one for my family soon!

Here are a few pictures from our party:


Since I’m always looking for ways to stretch our budget, I was very careful about the extra decor that I picked at an Outdoor Living to purchase so that I could “get the biggest bang for my buck”. Thankfully when we went a lot of their patio stuff was on sale!!

My second trip I spent $160 and saved $75- without coupons! I was really rather impressed at that!! My table cloths were 40% off and the fire pit was $25 off! 

I was hoping they had more party decor as I was hoping to do a luau theme (maybe like coconut drink cups or flamingos?) but I couldn’t find anything like that, so I stuck with the plants.

I was really impressed with the selection that I found at the Outdoor Living section for our makeover! The patio furniture sets were gorgeous, they had TONS of canopies to look at, they had even more outside decor (like garden gnomes, etc.), and a great selection of plants and tablecloths!

The grilling section looked really nice, but we already had a grill so we didn’t check them out too much. I did notice that they had an entire aisle of grilling accessories which really caught my husband’s interest.


Since we had several sitting areas to decorate (the yard, pool deck, and back porch) we were really able to stretch our budget and purchase furniture and decorations for all areas!

Our back porch now has a swing glider and that beautiful tricycle planter on it with flowers. Our backyard has the fire pit with 2 adirondack chairs and 4 other chairs with a few plants. And our pool deck has 6 chairs, a kids picnic table, 6 tiki torches, a tree and lots of plants!

We were also able to purchase all of the food we needed for the party as well as tablecloths for the tables and plastic summer dishes too!

It was impossible to capture one photo with all of our additions for our outdoor patio makeover. Our deck is too big to get one picture of unless we take it from the roof (which was not about to happen!) plus we were able to spruce up our back porch as well.

Shopping for our patio makeover has truly given our outdoors a miracle lift and restored a much needed area for entertaining. Now we can provide our guests with somewhere to sit and a pleasant place to socialize.

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  1. Crunchy Frugalista says:

    It looks great! Isn't it amazing what a little furniture will do!. Thanks so much for joining the Alexa hop this week. I am already a follower just stopping by to see what's up and show you some Alexa love!

  2. Alicia C. says:

    Holy cow! What great fun! I love the kids' picnic table and the fire pit. Looks like there is PLENTY of room for just about any party you throw now. WTG!

  3. Happy Healthy Home says:

    Your makeover really looks nice! It is amazing what some a few nice things really do to spruce it up and make it fun and welcoming. Great job!

  4. Budget Savvy Diva says:

    Wow! I LOVE it – such a HUGE difference. I cannot believe how much of a change there was 🙂 Great Job

  5. Fantastic job! Your makeover makes me want to have another party!

  6. Sippy Cup Mom says:

    Whoa! I love it! The difference is amazing! You got SO much for your money!

    I love the plants and the bike plant holder. I want one for myself!

    You did an amazing job!

  7. Heather @ Family Friendly Frugality says:

    Oh my goodness! It looks amazing! Kmart sure has some awesome outside stuff, wish we had one around here!

    You have great taste. I really love bike flower thingie. I want one!

  8. My girls have wanted a kids table for awhile – and I love the red!

  9. bigguysmama says:

    Oh my goodness, looks like you had an amazing time. What a great makeover! It all looks fantastic!

    ~Mimi @ PITM

  10. 2ndheartmom says:

    So jealous! I love the firepit – I have wanted one of those forever. Our backyard sounds very similar to your before – except we have four plastic chairs and an old plastic table (that the dog sleeps on more than we use it to eat). Its really kind of sad. I am going to start keeping my eye out for good deals on outdoor furniture – you've inspired me! 🙂

  11. Courtney ~ French Country Cottage says:

    Hi there~ Your makeover is fantastic- you did a great job! The cute fire pit really creates a great sitting area~ so fun! 🙂

  12. You did a great job! I love the kids picnic table and the tricycle planter!

  13. Oh my goodness it looks so nice. I want the cobbler. I wish I had time to at least clean up all the patio and porch stuff. I sat a couple of my new pots out on the porch on the tables and the cat or dog must have knocked them off and broke them. Not too happy about that. Next pots will not be breakable for outdoors.

    I am following you via the Memorial Day Finding New Friends Weekend blog Hop. Please stop by my blog and say hello. I am your newest GFC follower


  14. Things Sent My Way says:

    Unbelievable makeover – and great shares at KMart. I can't tell you how much help I'd need with plants and they would be able to help me for sure.
    Michelle @ Things Sent My Way

  15. I love that little bench. It would be perfect for my kids. And I seriously think we are eventually going to get a fire pit! Thanks for the awesome ideas! Great job!

  16. Fantastic! What a lovely improvement to your patio!! I love the fire pit…having s'mores has been a favorite past time of mine and so one of these would be much appreciated here at my home! Great post! 🙂

  17. Wow – You did an amazing job – I love it!

  18. What a big change! I love that little red picnic table and all of the flowers.

  19. Sara @ Mom Endeavors says:

    What a HUGE change!! All of your choices look great! I almost bought the tricycle planter too–it's so super cute!! And, um, that cobbler looks delicious!! 🙂

  20. Momma Teri says:

    The red picnic table was an adorable find.

    Teri @ Mom to Bed by 8

  21. Closer to Lucy says:

    So envious…We have dry land with grass. I've wanted a fire pit for so long but MUF (Mr UnFun) has dug in his heels.

    Looks fab! Yay for you!

  22. I love the changes that you made! We so need a makeover here too!

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