Making Mini Volcanoes with our NEW Jumbo Test Tubes!!

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A few months ago I had purchased several vouchers for Learning Resources half off knowing they would come in handy for my husband’s classroom or investing in some resource supplies for our kids as I like doing a lot of hands-on activities and experiments with them. So today came a shipment with 4 large boxes on my porch – yippee! One of the items that I had purchased was this Jumbo Test Tubes set for $15.99. I debated for a while because I know the small test tubes are much cheaper but I really wanted something jumbo-sized for smaller hands! Especially if I was going to let them do the experiments themselves!! Can you imagine the mess a 4 year old would make trying to get things into the tiny test tubes? Yikes!
So these came today and I was totally impressed. They were MUCH bigger than I was expecting. I knew they were “jumbo” but they really ARE jumbo! I couldn’t resisit – we just had to open them and stall our lunch off just a little bit longer!

I didn’t want to do anything that would take too long because it WAS lunch and nap time so we decided to do a quick volcano experiment. Simple yet effective! We poured vinegar up to the second line from the bottom in our jumbo test tubes and then I gave each boy a teaspoon heaped high with baking soda.

I think this has to be the best thing I’ve ever bought from Learning Resources! LOVE it! I am SO thrilled that my husband let me talk myself into getting them!! 🙂 You cannot use boiling water in these (they are plastic!) but you can freeze them and do all sorts of other experiments with them! SO I’m on the hunt for some good “test tube” experiments we can do at home – any ideas??

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    Check the Steve Spangler website… he sells a similar product with lots of ideas.

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