A Collection of Bill Nye the Science Guy Experiment Worksheets

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Did anyone else watch Bill Nye the Science Guy as a kid? I remember seeing these in my science class. And he is still a great science resource to really capture kids interests! On his site there is a great collection of PDF files which you can print for different science experiments. This is a really great idea for homeschoolers and will give you a fresh set of ideas to do with your kids.
You’ll find:
A Slice of Apple Fly
A Wing and Some Air
Acid Attack
Barometer in a Bottle
Baseball Moon
Bending Light
Blow Out
Burn Rubber
Coco-nutty Music
Current Event
Don’t be Nerve-ous
Erosion Explosion
Falling for Science
Float You Metal Boat
Go with the Flow
Hole-y Water
How Strong Are You?
Listen to THIS!
Marble Maddness
Marvelous Marbling
Merry Poppings
Mirror, Mirror
Mold Madness
Move Mountains
My How Time Flies
Once in a Mega-Moon
Orbiting Marbles
Pages of Inertia
Penny Droplets
Planaria Fishing
Pond, James Pond
Pop a Rocket
Sock it To Me
Symmetry Sampler
Termperature Time Warp
The Egg Files
Tube Kazoo
Twistin’ Tornado
Weightless Clothespin
You can find all of these science experiments from Bill Nye the Science Guy here! And a more detailed explanation of each experiment with photos here!

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