Products to Help Teach Kids how to Add Money (Coins)

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Yep – in that big shipment of stuff we ordered from Learning Resources was also some great “coin” related products that my husband specifically bought for his classroom but that we will also use in teaching our boys how to add money. For teachers these are especially useful when creating money-related centers in class.
We bought the Coin Stamps (heads), the Coin Stamps (tails), and the Coin Cubes which are made out of a hard plastic and have heads on each side of one cube and tails on each side of the other cube. We paid under $8 for each of the coin stamp sets and under $9 for the coin cubes. Money well spent! Now my husband (a 2nd grade teacher) can create his own worksheets for centers, extra credit questions on tests, and set up other math/money related centers in class without having to print a bunch of things on his printer or come up with elaborate centers. Not only can the children learn about what heads AND tails look like on each coin but they can also use these to learn how to add and subtract the coins together without using or losing (or stealing!) real or play money.

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