How Do You Like Those Beans???? AH!

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It’s no secret in our household – we LOVE sensory activities. My kids crave sensory activities, and if I don’t find some for them to do they will find some in their own way. Just a few days ago my little guy here locked himself in my bathroom and decided to spray an ENTIRE can of shaving cream on my texture walls – all the way up to the ceiling! What a mess!! So today we pulled out the BEANS!

Yes seriously – I said BEANS!! I dumped a bag of black beans and a bag of kidney beans into a plastic storage container and set it on the table. It didn’t take long for my kids to find it and dig in!! Now, be prepared for a huge mess, but a huge mess with LOTS of smiles from your kids! I was totally amazed at how long my son played with just plain beans! I didn’t even put anything in them!

And as the pile grew….so did the mess….BUT then he left the table. I was surprised that he just left his beans…until he came back with a microscope!! I couldn’t believe it – my 2 year old left to get a microscope!

And proceeded to make a bigger mess by pouring them on the microscope stage. But I didn’t care, I sat back and watched him explore!! Well….until the kids got TOO excited and forgot to pay attention to where the bucket of beans was….

And then they were ALLLLLL over my floor! SO then we had a fun bean pick up game! HAH! The boys grumbled for a minute since, I admit, it looks like a harrowing job, but they quickly got in the spirit with a promise for a piece of candy and we picked all of the beans up! I really want to put beans on our back porch in the sand box but I’m still a little concerned that they will get wet and get moldy.
Think out of the box. Putting a bowl of raw beans on the table to play with seems weird, but the kids explored and had fun for an hour!! Pull out some glue, paper, fabric, paper tubes, old cartons, etc. See what they will come up with!!

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