Making a Shapes Train

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Lately I have found it difficult to come up with interesting crafty ideas to do with my 2 year old. I decided to cut out a bunch of shapes and let him make a train with them!! While I was cutting I gave him his own pair of scissors and paper to cut to keep him occupied! Cutting scissors is a very important fine motor task that kids should have the opportunity to do frequently with adult supervision!

I cut out 2 large rectangles, 4 small circles, 1 small rectangle, 1 small square, a triangle, and a skinny strip of paper for decoration. I handed my son an Elmer’s glue stick and handed him each piece in the order he needed to make a train!

Occasionally I helped guide where the item needed to go but once we had the large rectangles down he caught on very quickly!! He was SO proud of himself for making his very own train!! I drew a little conductor in the train window for him too!

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