Magic School Bus Classroom Activities

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Did you know that there is a Magic School Bus Classroom Activities Page? Each activity relates to one of the Magic School Bus episodes, but you do not have to watch the epidsode to complete the activity.
You’ll find the following Magic School Bus classroom activities:


  • Cold Feet: Warm-/Cold-Blooded
  • Cracks a Yolk: Eggs
  • Going Batty: Bats
  • In the City: City Critters


  • Shows & Tells: Archaeology


  • The Busasaurus: Dinosaurs

Earth Science

  • Blows Its Top: Volcanoes
  • In the Arctic: Heat


  • Holiday Special: Recycling
  • Meets the Rot Squad: Decomposition


  • Ants in Its Pants: Social Behavior
  • Butterfly & the Bog Beast: Butterflies
  • In a Beehive: Honeybees
  • Spins a Web: Spiders

Kitchen Science

  • Baked in a Cake: Chemistry

Water & Ocean

  • Goes to Mussel Beach: Tidal Zones
  • Rocks & Rolls: Water Erosion
  • Takes a Dive: Coral Reefs
  • Wet All Over: Water


  • Kicks Up a Storm: Weather
  • Makes a Rainbow: Color


  • Lost in Space: Space
  • Out of This World: Space
  • Rocks Sees Stars: Stars

The Human Body

  • Flexes Its Muscles: Body Mechanics
  • For Lunch: Digestion
  • Goes Cellular: Cells
AND MORE!! You can even find games, pop quizzes, and coloring book printables too!

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