8 Items I Wish I Put on My Wedding Registry…………… and 5 I Wish I Didn’t

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Items I Wish I Had Put on my Wedding Registry

I got married fresh out of college and I’m amazed at how little I really knew about planning weddings, setting up my registry, and what I would really need in my own home that was bigger than a college dorm!

There are SO many things I added to my wedding registry not even thinking about some of the other purchases we should have been considering. Lesson learned right? If you or someone you know is getting ready to set up a wedding registry maybe you can  learn from our mistakes and check out some of our “wishes” below.

8 Things I WISH I Had Added to My Wedding Registry

1. DSLR Camera – When I got married DSLR cameras were a brand new thing on the market but I seriously regret not having a nice camera on my wedding registry or at least putting our received gift cards towards a good camera. It wasn’t until we started having kids that we finally invested in a good quality DSLR camera and we’ve never looked back. Even if you’re not really into taking pictures you can get a good quality camera set for under $500.

2. KitchenAid Mixer – This is one of those expensive items my husband was begging to purchase a few years into our marriage and I just wasn’t sold on it …… until I started using it. I’m SO glad we have it but I definitely should have traded some of our unnecessary wedding registry items in for this good quality mixer that will last us practically forever. A KitchenAid mixer may not be on a newlywed’s radar but you won’t regret adding it onto your registry.

3. Cuisinart Griddler- I never knew how much I loved our Cuisinart Griddler until we received one and we absolutely cannot live without it. We use it ALL the time. ALL the time. When our machine does break someday you can bet I’ll shell out every penny to buy this amazing appliance the same day. We use it for everything from grilling steaks, shrimp, hotdogs, making pancakes, hot ham and cheese sandwiches, grilling veggies, etc. It’s good for just about everything you can imagine.

4. Keurig Coffee Machine – Even if you’re not a coffee drinker a Keurig makes a fantastic kitchen addition. Instead of brewing whole pots of coffee when you have guests they can just make themselves an individual cup. Plus you can use it for gourmet tea, hot water (for cocoa!) and even lemonades!

5. A Laptop – WHY oh WHY didn’t I think to add a laptop (or desktop) to my wedding registry?! The last thing a poor newlywed can afford is a new computer which is so vital for finding jobs and connecting with family.

6. Grill – This one is kind of an extra but for some couples is the main way they cook their meals when first married. We do a LOT of grilling and this is definitely something I would have put our gift cards together for when we were first married.

7. Luggage – Good luggage isn’t cheap but it is necessary and can last you for years. It’s also one of those great items that are many times overlooked when creating your wedding registry! At the very least I recommend one large piece of luggage and one very good carry on piece.

8. Bedding – This one is surprisingly easy to forget to add onto your registry and unfortunately pretty costly! A cheap “bed in a bag” set can easily run you well over $50 or double that. After ten years, a zillion pets and several children I always desperately wish I had received a beautiful nice bedding set when we got married.

5 Things I WISH I Hadn’t Added to My Wedding Registry

1. Wok pan & Specialty Pans – If I had enough cabinets to fill all the random specialty pans and bakeware I asked for on our registry I’d have quite the kitchen! Not only have every single one of my wok pans rusted out but I’ve come to prefer my rice cooker and just stir fry in my regular pots and pans.

2. Fancy Dishes – I let my family talk me into the “need” of fancy dishes and actually registering at a fancy china shop. I felt a little silly doing it but everyone insisted that I would need the fancy over priced dishes. I still regret wasting our wedding registry gifts on such frivolous dishes that we didn’t keep long. Not only were the dishes heavy and extremely breakable they were very impractical for us. If I could do it again I would rather have requested some more practical items.

3. Fancy Silverware – Again, sure it’s nice to have fancy silverware but registering at a fine china shop is definitely something we should have passed on.

4. Small Kitchen Appliances – A toaster a fajita maker are just two of the many many small appliances that we really should have left off our registry. We are a big cooking and baking family so we thought we would need and use all these small kitchen appliances when in fact they collected dust in our cabinets for so long we finally just got rid of them. Consider carefully what appliances you really need or want.

5. House Decorations – When we were first married my eyes glazed with happiness of decorating my own place when in reality I don’t think I have any of my original “decor” from when we first got married. Decorate simply and leave your registry for things that are more needed.

Do you have any tips for those registering for their wedding? Leave your advice below! 

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