Look What Sam the Elf Brought us this Morning!

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We love Sam the magic elf!
He brought each of our boys their own magic elf hat. (From the Dollar Tree). Inside each hat was more elfy goodies.

There was an elf coloring  book and elf puzzle to share and an elf goody bag for each boy.

Inside each elf goody bag was a wind-up elf toy and an elf in a car to zoom across the floor! Sam also left a note for each boy letting them know that he will be flying to the North Pole for Santa tonight and he will miss them, but not to be sad because he will see them next year! The kids were just SO thrilled to get their elfy toys from Sam!! It sure kept them busy so we could have a few extra minutes to sleep this morning! 🙂 Total we spent under $10 and got all of our elf related materials at Dollar Tree or Walmart.
Every year on Christmas Eve we will put out an elfy goody for the kiddos from Sam. They had so much fun this morning I can’t wait to do it again next year!!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Love this! My son is fast approaching the non believing stage. However, I am thinking of doing this next year in my classroom. We already have a Leprechaun who visits in March and the Easter bunny so why not an elf.

  2. Karen Greenberg says:

    What a cute idea! Merry Christmas.

  3. Jennifer - Mommy to 2 says:

    So cute! I need to do somethign for mine from our elf, Bernard,…even if it is just putting his name on a gift or two for them.

    I've been trying to prepare Abby that he will be leaving tonight and she's already sad about it. She said "but he's a part of our family." She loves him!

    I saw an elf on the shelf ornament that I thought about getting her to keep out year round, but it was $9…so we didn't get it.

    Have you seen this?


  4. Jennifer - Mommy to 2 says:

    Oh and I don't mean that you are one of the "over acieving elf on shelf mommies." I just think it's funny. lol

  5. Jennifer - Mommy to 2 says:

    Oh and I don't mean that you are one of the "over acieving elf on shelf mommies." I just think it's funny. lol

  6. The Teachers Wife says:

    @Jennifer – Bwahaha that's hilarious! I do sort of feel like that. We always forget to move it so while one kid runs to the potty we throw the elf across the room and say we didn't see him fly!! 🙂 This elf gift package was about the coolest thing our elf did this year! 🙂 No snowball fights, pillow fights, or naughty candy eating! Ahhh…. the life of a boring elf 😉 Thanks for sharing!

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