It’s the Little Things that Make the Holidays Even Better

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When it comes to the Christmas holidays- there is so much grandeur and glitter, the aura of the holidays, and many more beautiful things around us. But you know what I really love about the holidays? (besides my wonderful family of course!) It’s the little things. It’s the random kindness of strangers, the extra goodies in my fridge.
For Christmas this year we are not spending much on hubby & I. The kids got their nice play kitchen that I’ve been saving for a year for, and we had to spend so much everywhere else that we are the last ones to get gifts for each other – it always depends on the budget! In fact, I was feeling a little guilty because I had not spent a single penny on my hubby for Christmas till I found a candy deal the other day and bought him his favorite candy.
Now he will still have stuff on Christmas- I have been saving things that I have won on blogs specifically for him! But it just feels different if I didn’t buy it! It seems random. Although we save year round for Christmas presents for hubby’s extended family which is definitely our biggest expense, these are always the tightest 2 weeks of the year for us.
But the niceness of the small things hit me yesterday when I opened the fridge. I have been buying ‘splurge’ items and saving for extra grocery $$ in the budget just to make the holidays extra nice. Last year we spent the entire month of December NOT buying groceries. All we bought were extreme necessities like milk for the kids & bread.
We had food and we ate on what we had. We kind of felt poor last year- it was a horrible feeling! SO when I opened my fridge yesterday- sounds funny- but I felt so extravagant because we had shrimp, cheese balls ($1.99 at Aldi!), wine (hubby’s Xmas gift to me-my fav!), steaks, a huge ham, whipping cream, a pie just begging to be eaten! Between that, my hubby being home from school for the next 2 weeks, and my happy children running around laughing, I’ve got all I need this holiday season.
What little things in life make YOUR Holiday even better?

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