Butterfly Updates!!!!!

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WOW- I have had a SLAM packed crazy day! Last night I got about 2 hours of sleep because my kiddos were up vomiting all night. This morning I went to my husband’s school to see a special presentation by Gatorland (will post pictures this weekend!!), and his 2nd grade classroom released their butterflies. This afternoon we released our butterflies! And when I looked into the habitat very closely- I realized the daisy plant we have in there has TONS and TONS of butterfly eggs!! And they are BLUE!! So we released the butterflies, and are keeping the eggs to see if we can hatch them and start all over! I’m so excited! It was amazing. I am so exhausted so I am just going to post some of the pictures from today, and then hopefully this weekend I will post an official review of our Butterfly Pavilion at home with a giveaway!!! You definitely won’t want to miss it! I’ll have pictures from the beginning all the way through the release! Sorry for cutting it short tonight guys- I am so tired I can barely think straight!! The pictures below are just from our home release, I’ll post the ones from my husband’s school later this weekend. (I can’t show certain kids faces so it’s going to take a while to fix up the photos!)
Please excuse the “no shirt” pictures of my son. He had a rough day being sick!

The first butterflies released!
 My kids were amazed!
 Painted Lady Butterflies. You can even see the proboscus on the butterfly below!
 The habitat was almost as tall as my son!
 My LAST chrysalis! It was jiggling all over the place, I thought for sure it would hatch while we were watching it….you can actually see the wings through the casing!
 I have a slightly artistic flair for my kids pictures. And I love black and white.
 I was afraid he was going to try and kiss it!
 Check it out!!!! BLUE Butterfly Eggs!!
And we have TONS of them!

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  1. CarliAlice @ GG2Life says:

    That looks like fun! You just glazed over the fact that the kids were sick. I hope everyone is doing better now. Get some sleep!

  2. We are on day 1 with our caterpillars. Your pictures have been very exciting and I am looking forward to experiencing it all with my boys. My 6 1/2 year old is so excited, named all of them. Thank you again for sharing your pictures and adventure.

  3. What an amazing experience (not the being sick – the butterflies). We currently have tons of caterpillars attacking my Veg patch – think I might have to catch them now for the kids to observe.

  4. The expressions on your Boy's faces, say it all! Way cool!!

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