Crystal Growing Christmas Tree

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Yep – we stocked up on mini-science kits that we found at the Dollar Tree and here’s another one! It’s a “grow your own crystal tree” set – which we pretended is a Christmas tree. 🙂 It looked interesting enough so we figured we could try one and check it out.


It came with a small dish base, a tree, and a solution with sodium nitrate which we poured in the dish at the base of the tree.


Just like litmus paper the solution quickly soaked the tree. Then we let it sit overnight. It only took a few minutes to do.


Check out our “chemical” tree we had the next morning!! Pretty neat huh? It was a REALLY short experiment with really nothing for our kids to do at all – but it was a pretty cool reaction and the kids and I were both surprised when we woke up the next morning and spotted the tree growth!

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  1. Win Key Solutions says:

    Cool! Ive been avoiding the dollar tree store.. but it looks like I need to make another visit soon!

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