Limeades for Learning + Gift Card GIVEAWAY!

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I’m proud to be partnering with SONIC on their Limeades for Learning® campaign. It is a national award-winning initiative to support U.S. public school teachers in local communities.

Imagine a teacher eager to start the new school year…..only to find out that not only do his/her new students have no basic school supplies but the school also has little to no money to provide basic school supplies. Paper. Pencils. Erasers. Glue. This is happening all over our country, and companies like SONIC, with the help of, are working to help provide a solution!

school education Limeades for Learning

I know so many teachers, and many of you, have used to help reach your students with classroom libraries, new technology, flexible seating, bilingual curriculum, art supplies, and many more resources! Our children can never have enough access to books and educational materials so I’m grateful for programs like this that support our schools!

red brick school

This scenario is how my husband started out his teaching career, and as a younger couple with a new baby, it was extremely difficult to scrape pennies together to afford supplies for my husband’s 20+ students. In fact, that’s actually the whole reason that I started this site!

Scouring the clearance aisles every week for school supplies, I knew I wasn’t the only one out there doing it. I wanted to reach more teachers and families doing the same thing we were doing. That’s why I proudly support the Limeades for Learning campaign by SONIC!

What is Limeades for Learning?

Limeades for Learning is an annual campaign that donates $3 million per year to public school teachers all over the country! The past ten years SONIC has launched this campaign in support of teachers, classrooms, and students! Teachers custom create the ideal learning situation and resources for their classrooms, post their project on, and during Limeades for Learning every project donation is met dollar to dollar by SONIC!

Classrooms fill up with better resources and give children and teachers the educational tools needed to explore learning better! For more information on the Limeades for Learning program please visit

When is Limeades for Learning?

Limeades for Learning is in the month of May – the same as Teacher Appreciation!

Who sponsors Limeades for Learning?

With the help of as the funding platform for teachers, SONIC sponsors Limeades for Learning and has donated more than $11.7 MILLION to public school teachers! That’s 26,509 classroom projects reaching more than 795,270 students that SONIC has helped reach!

school computer lab and library

Who benefits from Limeades for Learning and why?

Public school teachers spend hundreds, if not thousands, of their own dollars to buy supplies that they need for their classrooms! We know this first hand! Limeades for Learning was created to benefit these teachers and their classrooms by helping to provide funding for the teaching supplies and resources they need!

When is SONIC matching DonorsChoose donations?

Starting May 8, 2019 SONIC is matching $1 million worth of projects on! Make sure that you visit the Limeades for Learning blog for more information on how to sign up to receive AND donate money matched by SONIC. They are matching donations dollar for dollar!


$200 DonorsChoose Gift Card GIVEAWAY ENDED! CONGRATS to Alicia C.!

DonorsChoose gift card by SONIC

A HUGE thank you to SONIC for offering my readers a $200 gift card! You can enter to win it for your classroom project, or enter and donate it to another teacher’s project! You do NOT have to know the teacher to donate – there are plenty of classrooms looking for their projects to be funded!

Feel free to check out our Facebook pages: Surviving a Teacher’s Salary, SONIC® Drive-In, Sensory Ideas for Kids, and Exploration America!

Fine Print Details: Giveaway is open to anyone ages 18+! gift card expires 6/30/2019 and can only be used on the website. Total value of prize equals $200. Winner will be chosen randomly from comments below post and will have 48 hours to claim prize winning e-mail before a new winner is chosen and the prize becomes void. Giveaway ends May 22, 2019 at 11pm EST.

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  1. Brittany Winnie says:

    I have a project up right now for an ice machine. We are in Vegas and it is so hard to have clubs- whether it’s running, sports, garden, or even PE and recess- because of the heat. I wanted this ice machine to have more cool water available for the kids and to be able to use our new smoothie blender bike without always having to ask for money for ice!

  2. Vanessa Flores says:

    Hi! Thanks for supporting teachers! I would love this gift card for my current and future project that incorporates flexible seating and a carpet. Research has shown that flexible seating will have students more engaged. I am eager to have other seating options to give students the power of CHOICE. The carpet will also serve as a seating option. My top priority are my students and I am looking to give them a comfortable class where they enjoy learning.

  3. I’d love to win as I am trying to get a supply of lamination film for all teachers on our campus to use! With the Sonic match, $200 would complete it!!! 😊🤞🍎

  4. I am nominating a great art teacher, Debi London, from Florida. She is a advocate and teacher. Creative projects for her elementary students are one of her many attributes. Whether it is outside creating a garden or putting up an art show for the school’s parents, Mrs. London is at the top of her class! A more deserving teacher can’t be found!

  5. LeAnn M Hildebrand says:

    I would love this gift card. I have several projects up but I would use this to fund my Magic is Somethimg You Make Project. This project is for a Little tikes stem jr laboratory and an experiment set. This project gives them a hands on science center that will ignite their curiosity.

  6. Hi! I teach kindergarten in rural South Carolina. We have having our first ever Water Day soon. My projectis are for water gallons, water blasters, slip n slide and other items to make the day fun!

  7. Christy Kaudelka says:

    We need supplies to keep our Cricut running. The students have made so may amazing things this year: shirts, keychains, signs, rally towels, custom bags, centerpieces, etc. Our machine needs blades and mats in order for it to run efficiently.

    Thank you so much for your consideration ❤️


  8. I would use it to support my students. Our current project is due floor seating so students have more choices of where and how to work.

  9. Ellyn Schneider says:

    I am an art teacher at a small middle school in northern WI. We have been building our Makerspace in our art room for the past two years. Our Makerspace has been an important part of our classroom. We’re looking to add to the STEAM (science, technology, engineering, ART, and math) supplies and offerings! We’d love support for our DonorsChoose project. It would fully fund with the Sonic match!

  10. Suzanne Almon says:

    Thank you for this opportunity! I would be honored to nominate my coworker Mrs. Costa. She is an amazing first grade teacher who has a snack project posted to feed her hungry students. The snacks will ensure that they can focus on their work. We teach at a Title 1 school where all of our students receive free breakfast and lunch. These snacks will make 21 happy students! 💗

  11. Jennifer Oliger says:

    I have a project for my fourth-grade classroom that I am trying to fund. It is for books to help my students with special needs learn to appreciate their own and others’ learning differences. It also includes some special seating options to help students focus while learning.

  12. Marijo Burroughs says:

    I would like to use this on our 2nd grade project to purchase Scholastic News Magazines for our 2nd grade students.

  13. I have a project! I’m a special ed prek teacher and we need tablets! I want to use them for extended learning and building independence for my kids.

  14. Judy Hernandez says:

    Hey there. Im a special education teacher for students with intellectual disabilities. I have two projects up. The one I really want to get funded is for sequencing materials. I’ve been talking to the speech therapist on ways to support my mom-vernal students and she recommended I begin with sequencing. After researching I found many ways to incorporate sequencing in the classroom. This project will give me a good start by allowing me to get lakeshore sequencing kits.

  15. Lesby Chenevert says:

    I have been using Donors Choose this year to furnish a preK classroom that only had tables and chairs. We still a few more foundational pieces so I would use the gift to finish my current project for dress up clothes and use the remainder for a library display shelf.

  16. Melissa Hunt says:

    Thank you for having this giveaway during Teacher Appreciation Week! I would use this donation to help me get to a National First Grade Conference. I want to keep learning the best practices to use in my classroom. I wouldn’t be able to attend PD opportunities without DonorsChoose and wonderful donors like you and SONIC Drive-In!

  17. Toiya Washington says:

    I have a project up right now that I would like to get funded to aid in planning lessons for my class. It is called, An Apple for a Teacher. The iPad i am requesting will be a huge addition to the resources I have as I prepare my students to be life long learners. The DonorsChoose community has been wonderful in giving my students everything they need to be success in school. From pencils, to paper, to ink and even to technology…we totally appreciate it.

  18. Miss. A. Balderas says:

    I would love to help my friend’s classroom! It’s hard for her to get on social media to promote her Donors Choose projects (busy mom) and I try to help as much as I can. Her students adore her and would benefit from some awesome technology.

  19. Rachel Wright says:

    I am entering for myself. I teach ESL students and currently have 65 students I work with who come to school without basic supplies. I would love to be able to have enough supplies to give them a backpack full when they arrive, and to be able to replinish throughout the year.

  20. Amanda Dawson says:

    I would LOVE to win this and pay it forward to my daughter’s kindergarten teacher Mrs. Rice.
    My family and I just help fund her 2nd ever donor choose project. She has poured out so much love and her personal money to provide for her students this year. She has the biggest heart and I would love for her to see how appreciated she is with this blessing. She really loves the support she has received from and is looking forward to providing these items to her students.

  21. Alicia Cody says:

    I belong to one of the best schools ever! All of our teachers go over and beyond to provide only the best for our students. We are team players and always looking out for each other. I would like to apply this gift card to any of our teachers’ current projects. Every single teacher in our building deserves it!! We work hard every day! We have benefited in so many ways because of the love and dedication we have for our students and each other! I have to say Team Tater Rocks!! Our Idaho students are complete rock STARS!! We all love Donors Choose and are here to help!! Go Team Tater!!

  22. HI! I am a teacher trying to fund a Donor’s Choose project to help keep my students organized. The gift card would be amazing because it would fully fund my project to buy an automatic hole puncher, binders, dividers, and plastic folder inserts. Thank you for everything you do for teachers!

  23. My mom! She homeschooled me 🙂

  24. Kendra Wisenbaker says:

    I’d love to win this to help fund my classroom with a standing desk and small table. I’d like to give my students some choice on where they sit.

  25. I would create a new project to use it on. I teach special education for students with Mild Intellectual Disabilities, and could always create another project to further the success of my students! 🙂

  26. Christy Hannah says:

    I would use it for myself. My current Donorschoose campaign is for CHOICES magazine and colored ink pens. This magazine is geared towards helping student make good life choices and I feel obligated to help them learn to make good decisions. Thanks for supporting teachers!

  27. Cindy Vittorio says:

    Thank you for everything that you do for teachers! If I win the gift card, I would apply it to my current project. My project is for flexible seating! Flexible seating allows students to move in the classroom, while supporting their social skills, engagement and attention span.
    Thank you!

  28. Anne Warner says:

    We are planning to have a BOOK VENDING MACHINE in my library next year! I would use the gift card to purchase books to put into the vending machine. Students can purchase tokens with cash, like buying a book from a bookstore. They can also earn tokens from teachers and administrators as incentives and rewards. I’m so excited!

  29. I would donate it to my daughter’s teacher or another teacher at our Title 1 School. They work so hard to reach every student. There are four teachers with open donor choose projects right now.

  30. Tabathia B says:

    I would love to win for one of my local teachers at my daughter’s former school, there are two who have a need in the classroom which most live in low income households. I think I would choose this one

  31. I would love to win this to complete my donors choose for flexible seating. My heart is education and putting kids first. This would help them focus more to further their education.

    Thank you.

  32. Cheryl Foster says:

    I would love to win this gift card to DonorsChoose! I currently teach 4th grade in Phoenix, AZ and have a wonderful group of kiddos that I just adore. DonorsChoose has helped us with supplies for the classroom and purchasing STEM activities which are so valuable for our students. If I was lucky enough to win this gift card, it would go to providing my students with the supplies they need to be lifelong learners.

    Thank you very much.

  33. Nicholle Taurins says:

    I would love to use it to help my scholars get supplies to make individualized math games!

  34. Lori Terrill says:

    I am looping with my students from second to third grade! I would use the money to buy more chapter books for my students. They have become great readers and need books with higher lexile levels.
    Thank you for helping so many teachers and their students!!

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