Remake Learning Days Across America: STEAM Events for Kids

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I am a big supporter of offering children the opportunity to explore hands on learning activities through workshops like the Remake Learning Days Across America events. I have partnered with them and The Motherhood to support our child all across the country!

Kids are sometimes an enigma that we just don’t always understand. Maybe you have a child like one of mine who doesn’t seem to have a favorite hobby or be really into any one thing. Instead of trying to focus on what he might end up liking someday, I focus on finding him a new variety of experiences to broaden his horizon! Free events like RLDAA are a fantastic way to expose 21st century skills in STEM and maker education to your child!

Remake Learning Days Across America

As my kids get older I am constantly looking for new educational events to take them to like a Remake Learning Days Across America (RDLAA) event! From art to technology, animals, robotics and other STEAM related fields, RDLAA has events all over the country to help your child explore the world around them and try new things! The events are family-friendly and cover a wide list of topics.

What is Remake Learning Days Across America?

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The Remake Learning Days Across America (RDLAA) festival is comprised of STEAM events that are typically hosted by organizations like schools, libraries, museums, and other groups that engage kids of all ages to experience learning on their level! These events cover all sorts of STEAM related topics that are engaging and really capture interest. Their mission is to inspire today’s youth to find their passion in learning!

This not only encourages kids to further explore their interests but helps to prepare them as learners in the future! Creativity, problem-solving, critical thinking, collaboration….these are all important 21st century skills learned in the process of exploration!

I absolutely love the opportunity for not only children to explore these events but also for their parents or caregivers too! It offers relevant workshops to help support our rapidly changing social and technological cultures. Subject areas cover Arts (theatre, dance, visual art, music, photography), Maker, Outdoor Learning, Science (chemistry, biology, geography) , Technology (coding, robots, circuitry) and Youth Voice (audio, video, art, music) as well as credited and non-credited Professional Development sessions for childcare and educators.

Where are Remake Learning Days events located?

I recommend visiting their events page here to see if there are any specific events in your local area! There are events all over the USA! There are 130 events alone near us in the Chicagoland area! Some of these events include things like Understanding Water Quality, Family Math Night, Family STEAM Day, Puzzle Club, Graphic Design, Knitting, 3D Modeling and MORE! These events are made possible by national partnerships with companies like Carnegie Corporation of New York, and presenting sponsors, The Grable Foundation and Schmidt Futures, PBS and Digital Promise.

You can search events by date/time, location, learning theme, age group (pre-K through high school) and more.

Who is Remake Learning Days Across America for?

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Remake Learning Days Across America is for kids of all ages! Youth from preschool through high school will find events tailored to specific interest areas to help them explore not only new topics but inspire new passions for learning.

When did RDLAA start?

Remake Learning Days Across America started four years ago in just one city! This year it now reaches six regions in the US!

If you go to any of the workshops we would love to hear about them! Tell us which event you went to!

Learn more about Remake Learning Days and find events here! 

Want to join Remake Learning Days and start your own pop-up event? Learn more here!


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