Safety Tips to Protect your Cellphone from Heat & Water

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Safety Tips to Protect your Cellphone

When it’s warm out my family spends a LOT of time outdoors. In fact if we’re not working chances are you’ll find us exploring outside. But that also means my poor cellphone is at risk for damage from everything under the sun – partly because I’m a bit of a klutz and partly because it’s on me all the time. (and that small factor called kids!) Just yesterday I had my phone in my pocket and my son squirted me with the water hose! I just received the new Samsung Galaxy S8 from U.S. Cellular so I’m really protective of my phone!

Safety Tips to Protect your Cellphone

  1. Water-resistant Case – If you set your phone down on the table, work with kids, or spend a lot of time outdoors – chances are you would really benefit from a waterproof case (such as an OtterBox, DryCase or LifeProof)! I can’t tell you how many times my kids have knocked over a beverage only to find my poor phone sitting in it! (or been squirted by the hose…..but thankfully I haven’t dropped it in the toilet or sink!) If liquid gets inside of a regular phone case it can short circuit and you’ll be wishing you had gotten that waterproof case! Although you can try these tips to dry out your cellphone.

2. Device Protection Plans – Many wireless carriers offer device protection programs that offers things like device replacement, tools to back up data, and even malware protection. I always just asked when I’m renewing my contract with U.S. Cellular what types of plans they offer. Even if you don’t have a device protection plan and your phone gets damaged it doesn’t hurt to take it into your local wireless office and see what they can do to help you out.

3. Overheating – This is more of an issue in the summer months but be mindful of where you leave your phone! If you leave your cellphone in a hot car, outside in the sun, etc. you’re bound to have problems! If you find your phone overheating shut it off immediately until it can completely cool down. Many manufacturers recommend keeping a phone between 32 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit to avoid temperature damage. Overheating can do permanent damage to your phone which can also result in data loss. I’ve even had issues charging my phone in the car – sometimes it gets way too hot! If you HAVE to leave your phone in the car remember to put it in a shady spot like under the seat instead of in the direct sunlight.

Heat and Water Protection Infographic

4. Teach your kids how to care for your phone! I’m not kidding! Growing up with technology is normal for kids – not only do they not quite grasp the cost of phones but they also never grew up without them. It may seem common sense to us to be mindful around water or to be careful with your phone in the heat but kids just don’t always think of those things. Set guidelines and boundaries for your children and where they are / are not allowed to use your phone!

5. Opt to leave your phone in doors or just turn it off! If you’re headed outdoors for a while consider leaving your phone behind (if you’re at your house) or just turn it off (if you’re going hiking). Turning it off will allow you to enjoy your activities without being concerned about the phone getting too hot in a back pack on a warm day. It’s OK to unplug! Just keep your phone in a safe place and grab it when you’re done!

6. Beware of the backpacks! And the purses for that matter! Just because you throw your cellphone doesn’t always mean it’s safe! I have been stuck countless times in a torrential downpour and all I was worried about was if my phone would survive in my purse! At the very least toss a ziploc bag in your purse/bag if you know it’s going to rain that day! We’ve also had issues with phones in backpacks at theme parks (getting hot or wet!), accidentally setting a bag down in a puddle of water, and yes, even having a bottle of shampoo open and dump all over our cell phone!

Do you have any other great tips for keeping your cell phone protected?

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