Learning Resources M-Gears Space Squad Review

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Disclosure: I received the below product to use for this review. All opinions are my own.

 My boys LOVE to build (including my husband!) so I always jump on the opportunity to try out new building kits and see how well they work. Recently Learning Resources sent us their new M-Gears Space Squad Rover kit which retails for $14.99 – it’s the perfect price AND it comes in a small plastic bucket with lid.

They also have sets Triumph and Krunch, and when you build all 3 sets you can connect them together to make a bigger model! How cool is that!?

The M-Gears Rover set has 58 pieces and was super easy to put together. My husband and my 6 year old were able to put this little car together in no time. It not only build a rover vehicle BUT comes with a small motor so that you can actually pull the car back and watch it take off. It’s a great spin off of their traditional gears sets.

One thing that I really liked about this set (other than the price!) is that the pieces stay on VERY well. We had no problems with parts falling off during play or the car coming apart – once it was built it stayed together perfectly as we were vrooming it around on the floor.

Here are few up close photos of the Rover:

I love the metallic gears they added in the back!

 The Space Squad Rover even comes with some extra pieces which is always a plus with building sets like this! Overall – I’m pretty impressed! And you can see above the “cover” to the Rover lifts up too! Definitely worth the price. I love that it comes in a storage tub and that it holds together very well during play.

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