Learning Resources Geometric Building set Review

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Love hands-on math? Well check out this fun hands-on Geometric Shapes Building Set by Learning Resources! It comes with 90 sticks (in 3 different sizes), 32 curved pieces, and 48 connector pieces – all made of plastic and in various colors.

What I really love about this set besides the fact that it comes in a storage container (because that’s also a huge plus in my book!) is that the connectors and pieces are large enough for children that may have issues with grasping skills or fine motor skills.

My preschool age son had a great time building shapes side by side with his older brother! And of course you create just about any shape that you can come up with! It’s a great visual aid for 3D shapes like cylinders, cubes, rectangles, etc.

geometric building set Collage

This is also a great set to keep in your classroom or school room for “extra” activity time and center time! My boys LOVED this set and immediately started building shapes without any direction from us!

We had a little issue occasionally with getting the shapes to stay together when we were trying to move them so make sure as you’re building really press the sticks into the connectors firmly so they don’t slip out! I like the various colors included so that the kids can color coordinate their shapes that they are building like you see above.

It’s pretty simple to create 3D shapes out of, but you can extend the challenge further by giving the kids a set number of materials to use and tell them they must build an object that uses ALL of the materials you gave them! Or maybe have them build a structure that incorporates 3 different shapes into one large piece.

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