Playing with Our Kids: A Day in the Snow

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Four days ago I had surgery to have my gallbladder removed, and the next morning we had such a nasty ice/snow storm – so between those two things I’ve pretty much been cooped up inside all week! Today I was VERY ready to get out of the house so we decided to head out with the kids and let them each pick out something at the thrift store. Just to get out of the house! First my oldest son had saved up over $5 so we stopped at the bank so he could deposit his money into his savings account. Then each boy received $1 and were allowed to buy anything they wanted with that $1 at the thrift store. My youngest son bought a fire truck and my oldest bought a carabiner flashlight clip. Then we stopped at the feed store to buy pig food and played with the German Shepard puppies that were there. Then we finally came home and suited up to go sledding out back.

german shepard in snow

Since I couldn’t sled I took our German Shepard Jenny with us who just LOVES the snow! She had SO much fun just running around diving in the snow and rolling around! In fact my husband even took her down the sledding hill which was pretty funny!

boy in snow

My kids as always had a blast sledding. On the way back home my son picked up this big chunk of snow and wanted to bring it with us! Hah! It was SO nice to get outdoors – even if it was a bit cool and snowy. What did you do this weekend? Hope you had as much as we did!

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