Jack Hartmann’s Have It All Prize Bundle

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If you have never been introduced to the world of Jack Hartmann PLEASE let me introduce you to it! Jack Hartmann is a nationally recognized children’s author, singer, songwriter, keynote speaker and workshop leader. He is based in central Florida where I grew up and if you are a teacher there chances are you already know who he is or use his materials in your classroom! (You can read more about him and his wife Lisa along with their successful children’s book and music company Hop 2 It Music and Press, Inc. here!) His Gingerbread Man song is my kid’s personal favorites (along with Tooty Ta!) and I know that his Letter Sounds song (video below) is a popular one for preschool and kinder teachers!

Most of his songs get kids UP and on their feet and really just a lot of fun – and they are educational at the same time! I’ll be the first to admit there’s been plenty of times I’ve chased my kids around the house to our favorite Gingerbread Man song! My kids and I have personally attended some of his live events when we lived in Florida and it is just amazing. A whole group of kids just sitting there messing around will get up and shake their wiggles out to pretend they are pirates, elephants, counting masters or whatever else Jack comes up with! He has come up with OVER 700 songs for kids on 26 different albums! But he has a lot more than just (really great!) kids songs! Check out all of his educational children’s materials here!
Because we love Jack Hartmann so much we have partnered up with him to giveaway his “Have it All Bundle” worth over $450 and includes 623 songs on 30 CD’s, 4 DVD’s, the Letter Sounds Chart, and the illustrated Over in the Ocean book! That’s plenty of material to share with your grade level or school library and pass around!! This bundle touches on the following skills:
Letter Sounds
Vowel Sounds
Sight Words
Spatial Awareness
Word Blending
Phonemic & Alphabet & Calendar Awareness

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  1. Kari Reese says:

    Would be great with my kiddos!

    1. Angelia Aguilar says:

      I love the songs and books. I buy what I can for my room myself. I would cherish the items as well as my kids. Thank you. Me.a

  2. Thanks for the introduction! I have an energetic class of 15 boys and 4 girls in my first grade class this year, and I’m looking forward to using some of Mr. Hartman’s music with them. At home, I have a four year old who is ready to read, so we’ll be playing him at home too, I’m sure!

  3. Tara brown says:

    This would be awesome! I saw the mathtastic bundle $40

  4. My Kinders will LOVE these videos and songs!

  5. Mary Kay Fedigan says:

    My students love all of your songs!

  6. This would be great for my new classroom; as a new just starting out teacher.

  7. Anna Doucet says:

    I use Jack Hartmann’s music to strengthen literacy and math skills. I’ve made Power Point presentations to go with many of his songs and we use them daily. We love “Letter Sounds Yo Yo” but I think “The Silly Pirate Song” is our favorite!!! They love it when I wear my pirate hat:)

  8. I use Jack Hartmann’s songs in my Pre-k class and the kids love them. I did not know he had some new cd’s so I will have to check those out.

  9. Lara Barrera says:


  10. This would great for my lively group of kindergarteners.

  11. This would be fabulous for school and my one year old 🙂

  12. I love how up beat the songs are and how easily they will encourage movement. My first graders will fall in love with them!!

  13. This would be so nice!!

  14. My kindred kiddos would LOVE this!

  15. Tanya Cramer says:

    I was introduced to Jack Hartman by my cooperating teacher while I was student teaching in Kindergarten. I LOVE using them with my kiddos in class ten years later!

  16. Brandi Bowers says:

    My students love his songs. I would love to be able to expose my students to more of his work. The videos ate great to actively engage all learners!

  17. I would love a lot of these songs for my kinders! Like the activity books too.

  18. Heather Staats says:

    Would luv to win for my classroon

  19. Sharon Stickel says:

    I have used the hip hop alpha bob cd with my students in my previous school. It’s great to be able to download the mp3s to continue using in my new school!

  20. How exciting!! I am a HUGE fan & would love to add this awesome set to my kinder collection!!

  21. Heather Soucy says:

    This bundle would be great for brain breaks, movement and math, and inside recess opportunities. Thanks, 🙂

  22. Perfect addition to any classroom. Have used him for years!

  23. With over 600 students that come into my library, this would be great. We do movement activities all the time.

  24. This bundle would be great to share through our program!

  25. Sandy Jones says:

    I have recently graduated from college with my teaching degree and would love these for when I have my own class.

  26. All of the music Dvds would be great for inside recess or just to get wiggles out while still learning.

  27. I was just curious…if you win how are you notified? I think this would be wonderful for my kiddos

  28. Shaun Saville says:

    I LOVE Jack Hartman! I see he has some new materials out and I will definitely have to give them a listen!

  29. Ruth Miyagawa says:

    Such fun, awesome learning songs

  30. amie vanamberg says:


  31. Tammy Connolly says:

    My students would love this!

  32. Edith Ruiz says:

    Sounds exciting. I know my 37 preschoolers ( two class sessions) will enjoy the music and letter sound chart. Thank you for this opportunity.

  33. Love Jack Hartman! My favorite is Hip Hop Alphabop!

  34. Great!

  35. I teach PK and I love using Jack Hartmann’s cd’s!!! He also came to our school and entertained/taught our kids!

  36. Katie Nussbaum says:

    I love the character bundle!

  37. Would love it for my Kinder classroom! Thanks for the chance.

  38. As Jack years ago at IAEYC Conference.
    Love his music!

  39. Malyssah Halderman says:

    I found a CD when I was a substitute. It was just a burned CD (as we do with any CD the students are going to touch) and the kids went crazy over this one song. Well, I copied the CD and went looking for the songs that the kids liked and it wasn’t until several years later I found that CD played it for my first kindergarten class that I found out it was his song. My students last year loved it and I loved that it was a safe, fun, and educational experience for them. Unfortunately, someone loved it more than me and took it, which is fine because I had always wanted to buy more of his music. One song was never enough. I hope everyone enjoys and falls in love like my class did.

  40. Pattie Cromwell says:

    I love his work

  41. would love this set!!

  42. Deldreqka Scott says:

    Wow! This giveaway is right up my alley! With 17 Kinders (most whom have never been to school), and my own 4 and 6 year olds at home, I hope I can win this giveaway to help them all foster a love of learning and merge it with fun!

  43. Ana Franklin says:

    This music is so inspirational and motivating for my under privileged students!

  44. Rebecca Parsons says:

    The music is geared towards many different things. I like the Rockin Reading Bundle

  45. Denise Menchaca says:

    I love your work, and my students do too!! Everyone can relate and get into music… and music with a message is magical!!!

  46. Christine St. Germain says:

    Love Jack Hartman….love using music to help teach!

  47. Diana Law says:

    This would be a wonderful addition to my new and first classroom! Super excited to be teaching and would love these materials!

  48. Kelly O'Brien says:

    I love using Jack Hartmann’s music in my classroom! Anyone that wins this will be truly blessed! I teach all of my interns to teach skills through his music and movement! If you don’t have any of his music yet, it’s well worth the money.

  49. I would love this for my Kinders!!!!!!!! Would be a classroom bonus!!!!!!!!!

  50. Carla Brooks says:

    Love Jacks music. Always a hit in my classroom.

  51. Vickie Miller says:

    I love the way they are aligned with CC. Plus love him! The children love his songs. They learn and have fun doing it! Love the big bundle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love them all!

  52. I love how upbeat the music is

  53. I would be over the moon to win this!

  54. TIffany Miller says:

    I like that there is a variety in the songs and topics. The letter and vowel sounds would be great for kindergarten and first grade!

  55. Erika Peterson says:

    I love Jack Hartman. My students love singing and dancing with his songs.

  56. Charlotte says:

    I love Jack! This would be a great resource to have. Thanks!

  57. Heaven Leigh says:

    I am a new teacher and am blessed to work in the school I do. However we have limited resources being a rural school. I would love to be able to use these songs and resources in my classroom. I also know 75 little boys and girls who would love them. (I would share with the rest of the team so all our students can learn and grow using these tools)!

  58. The best resource! I love Jack’s work. Great resource for schools with 2nd language learners.

  59. Carla Cundiff says:

    I have used his CD’s for years. I am really interested in the DVD’s to use so the kids can see him perform the songs and do the movements. I also saw the new CD and will be looking into that as well.

  60. So cool that his CD’s are aligned with the CC. I love integrating music whenever I can in my class.

  61. Linda Batovsky says:

    Love it!!!

  62. My kids love the show me the money song 🙂

  63. Kim Petty says:

    Love the songs I’ve heard. Would be great for my classroom.

  64. Amanda Michelle Leggate says:

    Love him! How concerts are great too!

  65. Charlotte Krauch says:

    I have been using Jack Hartman CD’s and a poster for several years now. My pre-k students love the songs! Thanks for all of your help Jack. I’d love to have more of your materials.

  66. Breanna Ramirez says:

    I’m a pre-k teacher and I’d love to incorporate these songs into my kiddos day

  67. We love Jack Hartman. I have taught K for many years and started using his music as motor breaks! The kids love it!

  68. candy shanley says:

    My kinder kiddos would love the whole bundle!

  69. Stephanie Schock says:

    I teach sp.ed. preschoolers and I’m always looking for new ideas to get us moving and learning! If there are some geared for older kids, I’d give them to my team. Thanks for the chance to win!

  70. I’d LOVE to win!

  71. Sharon Laramie says:

    Hartman does a fantastic job with all his songs. I would love to win this big prize with all those CDs. Thanks for running this contest.

  72. Amanda Hall says:

    My firsties love Jack Hartman’s music. I would love to have more of his music!!!!

  73. I love Jack Hartman! Thank you so much for this contest – hope I win!!

  74. I love the songs. I can’t wait to use it in my classroom (feeling hopeful)!!!!

  75. Christina Andrews says:

    Some of my children have special needs and these resources would be awesome for them!

  76. This is an awesome giveaway!

  77. Brenda Duck says:

    I love using Jack Hartmann songs in my music classes. My elementary students love them, too. HOPE I WIN!!!

  78. Ronda Walton says:

    Love using music to reach students when teaching Kindergarten concepts.

  79. Heather Staats says:

    Would luv to win this

  80. Laurie - Steals and Deals for Kids says:

    I met Jack Hartman many years ago and I enjoy his music in my classroom daily (we always sing the Days of the Week and Months of the Year songs by JH). I would love anything he has but I guess I would choose Math in Motion. I would love to win this!!!

  81. LOVE! LOVE!! LOVE!!! Jack Hatmann videos in my kinder class. Just saw a sample of the video where he uses the HUGE kinesthetic movements to make the letter, MUST.FIND.THAT.VIDEO!! My kinders would go NUTS over it.

  82. Love PreK, love Jack Hartman songs!!!!

  83. I am a student teacher graduating this spring and love music in the classroom! I would love to get some of these resources for my future class!

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