Imaginative Play- Host a Puppet Show!

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Want to let your kids show their creative side? Why not have them host a puppet show! It’s OK if you don’t have a nice fancy puppet theatre (we never have!) – you can easily make your own by throwing a blanket over a chair and have the kids hide behind it! The smaller kids, as we found out, may not be able to reach the top of the chair easily… can see how my son fixed that problem later! You can also consider hanging a string across the room with a blanket on it! Or just look on Pinterest for all sorts of DIY Puppet Theater tutorials!

  Meet Mr. Police Officer & Boca Beth!
My son couldn’t get his puppets above the back of the chair very easily, so he decided to hide under the blanket ON the chair and then stick his puppets out!
Puppets do not have to be fancy or expensive for kids to play with them. You can find puppets at the dollar store, craft stores, made from old socks, or even made from brown paper bags! We have featured a Farm Brown Bag puppet Collection that my kids made and a Christmas Elf brown bag puppet. (Although if you’re using the puppet in the classroom I do recommend purchasing a decent quality puppet so that it will hold up longer!) I’ve also found a CHEAP CHEAP collection of puppets below on Amazon (about $5 each or LESS). Melissa & Doug and Folkmanis also makes some great hand and finger puppets for about $8-25 that are worth buying too.
IKEA Dragon Unicorn Hand Puppet

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