Arts, Crafts, and Activities HUGE List

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I am working on trying to organize this Activity/Craft section so it is more user friendly! Who wants to scroll through hundreds of posts just to find one you want?? I will be adding the links to the posts in alphabetical order for right now here…..but it’s a work in progress! If it’s linked here it will not be as a separate post in this folder…so scroll through here and the other posts belows to find some great hands-on activities!!

Aboriginal Dream Painting (Make Your Own)
Acorn Craft
Animal Silhouette
Apple Core Craft
Apple Pot Craft
Apple Stampin’ Tote
Apple Tree Thumbprint Art
Art Supplies (Make Your Own)
Bath Crayons (Make Your Own)
Bath Paint (Make Your Own)
Bear Cave
Bedbug Counting Game
Binoculars (Make Your Own)
Bird Activities
Bird Rattle
Bird Treats
Blubber Mittens – Adapting to Cold
Brown Bag Puppets
Boston Tea Party Craft
Bubble Art
Bubble Snake
Bumblebee Decorative Pot
Butterfly Canvas 3D Art
Butterfly Clothespin Paper Holder
Butterfly Garden (Make Your Own)
Camp Inside
Candy Cane Christmas Mouse
Cartouche Craft
Castle (Make your Own)
Caterpillar Egg Carton Craft
CD Bowl 
Chalk (Make Your Own)
Chalkboard Decor
Chinese Lantern Craft
Christmas Ornaments (Make Your Own)
Christmas Ornament Wreath
Christmas Quilt Activity
Clay Fun (Sensory Activity)
Clipboard (Homemade Gifts)
Coffee Filter Butterflies
Concept Creativity (Art/Science Mixed)
Counting Game
Deciphering Postal Bar Codes
Dirt Detectives
Dragonfly Nature Craft
Edible Asteroids
Egg Carton Bumblebee Craft
Egg Carton Flower Craft
Egg Carton Piggy Craft
Egg Carton Witch Craft
Elf Ornament
Endangered Species Masks
Fall Crafts
Fingerprint Powder (Make Your Own)
Firetruck Toybox (Make Your Own)
Fish CD Craft
Fling a Bean (Fine Motor Skills Activity)
Flying Butterfly Craft
Flying Tea Bag Rockets (Experiment)
Floam (Make Your Own)
Fossils (Make Your Own)
Fruits and Veggies Scavenger Hunt
Gak (Make Your Own)
Geoboard Learning Activities
Geocaching with Dinosaur Train
Geocaching with Kids/Classroom
Geode (Make Your Own)
George Washington’s Wig
Ghost Craft
Glow in the Dark Comet
Google Body Browser (Interactive)
Grass Art
Grass House
Groundhog Day Pine Cone Craft
Growing Bacteria
Growing Beans
Handprint Spider
Happy Birthday Moon Activities
House (Make Your Own)
Hula Hoop Activities
Hydroponic Plant Growing
I Spy DIY Projects
Ice Cream (Make Your Own)
Igloo Made With Gallon Jugs
Imaginative Play Ideas
Inchworm Craft
Indian Costume out of a Paper Bag
Inventions (Make Your Own)
Invisible Ink
Jack and the Beanstalk Craft
Lacing Projects (Make Your Own)
Ladybug Plate Craft
LadyBug Party Invitation
Lava Lamp (Make Your Own)
Leaf People
Leaf Rubbings
Life Cycle (Butterfly) Craft
Life Cycle (Butterfly) Noodle Craft
Lincoln Log Cabin Crafts
Lincoln Log Pretzel
Loose Tooth Craft
Lunch Fun- Happy Face
Magnetic Activities
Make an Egg Bounce
Make Reusable Bags out of Sheets
Mayflower Ship
Measurement Scavenger hunt
Medieval Links
Medieval Knight and Dragon Craft
Monster Bath
Monster Party
Mosaic Color Page (For Kids Who Hate to Color series)
Mushroom Spores
Nature Canvas Crafts
Nature Journal (Make Your Own)
Necktie School Bag (Make Your Own)
Obstacle Course
Occupation Dress Up Day
Ocean Bath
Packing Peanut Fun
Paint a Ladybug Rock
Paint a Pumpkin
Painting (Homemade Gifts)
Painting the Bullseye (Fine Motor Skills Activity)
Painting with Feet
Painting with Sponges
Paper (Make Your Own)
Paper Crafts (Advanced)
Paper Plate Bunny
Paper Plate Parrot
Paper Weaved Basket
Peek-a-Bug Book
Penguin Family Craft
Penguin Story Book
Pilgrim Hat Craft
Pillows (Make Your Own)
Pinata (Make Your Own)
Pine Cone Fish Craft
Pine Cone Flower Craft
Pine cone Owl Craft
Pinwheel (Make Your Own)
Pirate Compass
Pirate Hook (Make Your Own)
Pirate Lamp
Play-doh (Make Your Own)
Play-doh Beach Party
Pom Pom Portfolios
Pom Pom Spring Animal
President Popsicle Stick Puppets
Pumpkin Craft
Pumpkins out of Acorns
Puppet Show (Imaginative Play)
Rainbow Craft with Fruit Loops
Rainbow Food Fun
Rainbow Handprints
Recycled Twig Birdhouse
Rubber Stamps (Make Your Own)
 Reindeer Handprint
Reindeer Paper Bag Puppet
Reusing Play-Doh containers and Lids
Sand (Writing in Other Media)
Sandbox Fun
Scavenger Hunt with Old Magazines
School Bus Egg Carton Craft
Send Secret Messages Through a Cup
Sensory Play – Beans
Sensory Tub (Pirate)
Shapes Collage
Shapes Train
Shaving Cream Fun
Sheep Crafts
Shoe Print (Make Your Own)
Ship in a Balloon Craft
Silly Putty (Make Your Own)
Smelling Stations
Snow Globes (Make Your Own)
Snowflake Template
Space Your Face
Soap (Make Your Own)
Soap Sticks (Make Your Own)
Soda Can Art
Solar System (Printable Mobile)
Spaghetti and Meatballs Hat Craft
Spelling (Without Writing)
Spider Web Craft
Spiral Snake Craft
Stained Glass Butterfly
Submarine (Make Your own)
Super Simple Music Shaker
Swan Plant Container
Taste Testing with a Mirror
Telescope (Make your own)
Telephone Book Spelling Drills
Terrarium (Make Your Own)
Tinfoil Painting
Traffic Light Craft and Car Holder
Train Station (Make Your Own)
Transportation Graphing
Turkey Craft
Victorian Bottle Craft
Walking in the Paint
Walking Stick Craft
Walrus Tusk Necklace
Wax Hand Candle
White House Popsicle Stick Craft
Writing Thank You Letters
Yarn Flowers


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