Painting with Preschoolers – Changing it Up a Bit

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My son absolutely loves to paint. But sometimes I like to change things up a bit, so this morning we painted with small painter’s sponges and tried only using the tip of the sponge to paint!! Look at the painting I was able to create just from using the tip of the sponge!! Except for the clouds I just dabbed the tip of the sponge lightly onto the paper – I never stroked it. The clouds I pressed the tip of the sponge on the paper and twister it around.


See how I made the grass by simply criss-crossing the tip of my sponge on the paper?


My little guy was a bit too young to keep using only the tip of his sponge BUT the sponge actually made it a lot cleaner than using a paint brush, and definitely less mess than finger paint! He seemed to enjoy trying something new as well. Why not try a variety of different items like bubble wrap, a melon baller, an old scrubby sponge, or the end of an eraser! See who can come up with the most unique painting!

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