Easy Rainbow Craft with Fruit Loops!

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The other day our family was driving out of town and it was POURING rain. I could barely see to drive, but as the rain let up and we kept driving we saw 6, yes SIX different rainbows!! I couldn’t believe it!! And most of them were full AND double rainbows. I wish so badly I had my camera because I’m sure I’ll never see anything like it again in my life. It was absolutely incredible! Since we were fortunate enough to see so many rainbows we asked my son to tell us what colors he saw in the rainbow – and would you believe that he listed all but one color!? That’s where the acronym ROY G BIV came into play!
So I thought of a simple craft to mimic what we saw that day. All you need is a paper or paper plate, glue, and fruit loops!! Teach your children about the colors of the rainbow, and what exactly causes a rainbow, then line up the colors of the Fruit Loops and glue them down to make a rainbow!!

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