How to Help Your Children Survive the First Week of School

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I realize that some of you have already begun school (we started just this week!) and may already be getting tired and stressed out, but these are great tips of course for anytime during the school year. The first week of school is especially important, however, as it is the biggest change and adjustment for both teachers and students!

  • Eat a GOOD healthy and hearty breakfast. Do NOT skimp on breakfast – your kids will need the extra energy!
  • Pack HEALTHY lunches with small treats. The last thing your kids need is a junky lunch full of sugar to make it more difficult for them to sit and pay attention their first week of school.
  • Allow for “down time” when they come home. Your kids have had a long and tough day studying and learning. Give them some good time to just “do their thing”. Whether it’s going to their room by themselves, getting out in the backyard to play, or watching a short cartoon.
  • Get some FRESH air! Go outside – don’t keep your kids cooped up in doors. The sunshine and fresh air will be a great mood booster!
  • Take it easy all week long. Don’t plan any big events or shopping trips where they’ll be sitting even more.
  • Spend quality family time – this week more than ever your kids will need it!
  • GO TO BED! There is SO much to do and figure out during the week but one of the best things you can do is make sure you stay caught up on sleep!

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