Where to Purchase Inexpensive Critters for Spring Lessons

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I have become the “how to” girl for finding resources and such for my children’s schools and husband’s school so this morning when my son’s preschool teacher began asking me ideas of where to find critters for them to watch in the classroom I thought I would share my ideas with you guys in case anyone else was doing any sort of dirt related spring lessons! Prices of course will vary but I listed the average prices I can get them for.

Where to Find:

Earthworms – Fish/Tackle Shop (about $3ish per 100 worms)

 Crickets – Pet Store (about 30 for $2.50)

Meal Worms Which Turn Into Beetles – Pet Store (about $3 for 100)

Ladybugs – I have been happy purchasing from Amazon.

Caterpillars – Insect Lore has a great Butterfly Garden.

Butterfly Eggs – http://www.freebutterflyeggs.com/ (FREE just pay ship)

Snails– Honestly I don’t know a good source for this one as we just have them all over our backyard!


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  1. Erika @Musings From a Stay At Home Mom says:

    Neat post! I need to do the butterfly garden with my kids again. They’d love it when we did it a couple years ago.

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