5 Tips for Helping Kids Fight Stuffy Noses

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Every year when the spring, summer, and the fall back to school season rolls around I just KNOW my kids will randomly starting popping up with those stuffy noses. Whether it’s the fresh cut grass, milkweed, or the dust from harvesting the fields my kids and I can get pretty miserable without a few preventative steps. Here are a few tips we do to help minimize the severity of stuffy noses and allergies.

1. Close your windows and shut your doors! The weather may be nice but the pollen flying in your windows isn’t! Don’t get me wrong – we leave our windows open a lot, but if you or your kids are starting to get stuff noses close the windows for a while till everyone is feeling better!

2. Invest in a good air purifier. This alone has made such a HUGE difference. Buying a cheap one off of craigslist won’t work as well as you need it to – I promise. We’ve done it…twice. Save up and invest in a good one – you won’t regret it! Ours stays in the kids room with the door closed at all times to keep their room really free of particles. Ours also has a humidifier built in that regulates itself depending on the moisture in the room.

3. Shower daily. Yes, daily! Even if it’s just a quick rinse off – especially if your kids play outside all the time like mine do. It will help remove the extra dust and pollen particles off of them and out of their hair.

4. Use a a sinus rinse or neti pot. We really like the Xlear Sinus Rinse because my kids can control how and when they use it, and the xylitol in the solution really leaves their noses moist with no burning unlike saline can. When they were really little (like 2-3 years old) I started them on the netipot. Below you can see a short video of my 6 year old using the Xlear Sinus rinse (you can read my entire review here) and how easy it is and not scary it is for him to use it.

5. Minimize the exposure. If you KNOW your kids have an allergy to something like fresh cut grass do your best to keep them indoors when the grass is being cut! Obviously you can’t avoid grass or ever being outdoors but try to minimize what you can. Close your doors and windows – especially if you live near fields being harvested like we do. Don’t hang your kids laundry outside on the clothesline if they have seasonal outdoor allergies.

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post. I received a sinus rinse kit as part of the Xlear Ambassador program. All opinions are my own.

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