How to Care for a Pet Frog and Why You Need One

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Are your kids begging for a pet but you really want something but you’re just not up for the care of a cat or dog? Then you definitely need a frog! I have had pet frogs on and off for over 20 years! Below I’ll help you learn how to care for a pet frog and why you need one.

Believe it or not, not all pet frogs are created equal when it comes to care. I have had some insanely easy frogs over the years, and some very high maintenance frogs. It all comes down to what type of frog you decide to have as your pet.

Pet frog care tips

My first pet frog was a Cuban Tree Frog that I caught in college. We named him Fat Albert. I had entirely too much time on my hands and was known around campus for taking my frog (and my tortoise!) on daily walks outside. We seriously had the most loved happy frog ever. I would walk around with him chilling on my arm daily.

Fast forward twenty years and my son adopted a Pacman frog. Such a cute blob but SO high maintenance! We had her for several years but they are definitely not an easy “first time” pet! 


I HIGHLY recommend frogs as pets, as long you’ve got yourself a good beginner frog – nothing too exotic like Pacman frogs or Poison Dart frogs! Catch one from outside if you’re going to commit to caring for it its entire life, or buy one from an animal show. Any type of basic tree frog such as a White’s tree frog would be a great first frog! 

girl holding a bullfrog
My daughter catching and releasing a bullfrog. Bullfrogs can be difficult pets to keep because they need a very large roomy cage due to their strong back legs.

Pros and Cons of a Pet Frog:

Pros of Owning a Frog:

  • E.A.S.Y.! Seriously, frogs (and toads) are some of the easiest pets you can own (as long as you stay away from high maintenance exotics!). Stick with a tree frog.
  • CHEAP! No shots, no vet bills, low maintenance cost. You essentially just need a cage of any type, some water, dirt, sticks, leaves, etc. A light is a good idea too.
  • They don’t bite! I mean, technically your finger could look like a big fat juicy worm but frogs don’t typically “bite” nor do they hurt if your finger gets mistaken for a worm. No need for tears here!
  • Low care required! If you’ve got water in the cage and toss in some crickets once in a while your frog will be well cared for! They don’t need much!
  • Long life span! Frogs can live up to 15 years making them great companions to grow up with! They’re “cool” pets and make great little buddies to raise.
tree frog stock
Simple tree frogs are the easiest low maintenance frogs to keep.

Cons of Owning a Frog:

  • Live feed. You’ll probably need live crickets (although meal worms and earth worms can be used as well) which either means weekly trips to the pet store to buy a few crickets or making the jump into a full cricket farm.
  • Not as cuddly. It’s no secret. While frogs are fun to hold and play with, they aren’t quite as cuddly as a furry kitten or puppy. (but they’re SO much easier and cheaper!) As they get used to you though, they’ll happily hang on to you anywhere!
  • Easy to squish with jumpy kids. As with any small animal kids can get easily excited when a frog jumps so parents will need to monitor smaller kids that have their frog out of the cage.

tree frog stock

Best Care Tips for Owning a Frog:

  1. Keep aquariums away from hot sunny windows. Putting any type of animal cage next to a hot sunny window is an accident waiting to happen! You don’t want to over roast your frog.
  2. Keep the water fresh. I recommend using spring water instead of tap water to control an unnecessary exposure to chemicals. Frogs breathe through their skin and will absorb any unwanted chemicals in your water supply.
  3. Mimic their natural environment. While cool waterfalls and lush moss are beautiful, you definitely don’t have to get that complicated! Think about where a tree frog lives outdoors – on the side of your house, sitting on a plant, etc. As long as they have a water source and a little bit of cover to hide in, they will be set!
  4. Watch little toes when closing cage lids! Frogs love hanging around at the top of their cage so you just want to be mindful where their little toes are sitting when you snap their lid closed.

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