FREE Printable Frog Life Cycle Interactive Spinner Top Toy

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The life cycle theme is a very popular one here and so I wanted to take the learning one step further by creating this free printable frog life cycle interactive spinner toy! It’s a FUN sensory tool that turns learning into play time!

Below you’ll learn more about the frog’s life cycle and how to use create your own frog life cycle spinner toy!

free printable frog life cycle toy

If you love this unique spinner toy then you’ll love this Frog Life Cycle Quadrama that I found! It is AMAZING if you’re teaching older kids! It’s the equivalent of a paper craft diorama! It’s great for upper elementary kids and up unless you are going to help your younger ones create it after they’ve colored it!

I LOVE all things life cycle related because it’s such a tactile captivating learning lesson for kids. Check out these unique frog life cycle earrings that I found! It would be a blast to wear them even if it’s just for every spring!

Free Printable Frog Life Cycle Spinner Top Game

So above if my 3D spinner top completed (minus the straw!). Essentially you just print the file found at the bottom of this post, color it, fold it, and tape or glue it in place around a thin straw (like a coffee stirrer).

If you’re looking for a complete felt life cycle set here’s a lovely one on Etsy!

What are the 4 stages of a frog’s life cycle?

  1. Egg

  2. Tadpole (also known as a pollywog)

  3. Froglet

  4. Frog

Free Printable Frog Life Cycle Spinner Top Game

The spinner top has the entire frog life cycle on the top AND bottom of the spinner so it doesn’t matter what side you spin on!

What is a frog egg called?

Frog eggs are called frog spawn.

Does a frog egg sink or float?

That actually depends on the species of frog! Some frogs, like many tree frogs, lay single eggs that are either attached to vegetation underwater or lay eggs that sink to the bottom of the pond.

Other frogs, however, lay egg clusters that are usually attached to vegetation in water.

Uniquely, some frogs like Cuban Tree frogs (and invasive species) lay eggs on a film that floats on the top of the water surface. There is a species of frogs that lay its eggs in long strings wrapped around vegetation.

Free Printable Frog Life Cycle Spinner Top Game

Above you can see the egg stage to the tadpole stage of the spinner top shown.

Free Printable Frog Life Cycle Spinner Top Game

The tadpole will grow its two back legs, then its front two legs as it transforms into a froglet. Finally, it loses its tadpole tail before maturing into an adult frog.

How long does it take for tadpoles to turn into frogs?

There are multiple environmental factors that can affect the rate a tadpole changes into a frog but typically it takes anywhere from 4-7 weeks to completely transform from a tadpole into an adult frog. The entire frog life cycle can take up to 16 weeks to complete.

Print HERE: Frog Life Cycle Spinner Top PDF

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