Where to Buy Dissection Kits for Homeschool Families & Schools

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Best Resource for Homeschool Families for Science Dissection Kits for HomeschoolersDissection kits for homeschool families and small schools can seem expensive because they are usually sold in bulk school sized dissection kit bundles. But if you are a homeschooling family or a small school you may only need one (or a few) small set of specimens. This post literally took me HOURS to put together so I hope it helps some of you!! PLEASE note that each dissection kit price can (and probably has) changed since I posted this so please double check the price of a dissection kit before you purchase!
I am a firm believer in providing our children all of the learning opportunities that we can to them and I am a huge supporter of hands-on learning! Having my B.S. in Biology means I’m a little bit of a science freak too. I know as a homeschooler, or a small school, that you may not have the budget or resources to find things as your students get older such as lab equipment, dissection supplies, etc. Or maybe you just don’t have the time to weed through all of the options – but I feel it is extremely important!
So I really wanted to pull together a simple list and categorize animal dissection sets that you can find on Amazon! Why? Because many times if you order directly from the company, with a small order for only a few students, the shipping charge is just unreal. But Amazon is MUCH more affordable on the shipping, if not free, and a simple dissection set can easily cost as little as $10-$20.
Of course I majored in Biology so hands-on labs are definitely my “thing”! Any prices listed below INCLUDE shipping and are individual pieces unless otherwise listed. You’ll also note many of them say non-toxic – unlike when I was a kid doing dissections they now have a new non-toxic formula for preserving specimens which does not include formaldehyde which means less odor and no special disposal! Note – color injected arterial systems are usually LATEX-based!
Please verify prices before purchasing as prices change constantly.

Where to Buy Dissection Kits:

Affordable Dissection Kits for Homeschool Families

Best and Cheapest Starter Dissection Kit includes frog, worm, crayfish & grasshopper with supplies UNDER $20 + shipping

Owl Pellets (chemical free) – under $12
Student Owl Pellet Kit – $18.50

BRAIN Dissection Kits

Sheep Brain Kit w/Supplies – under $23
Sheep Brain, No Dura – under $20
Sheep Brain, No Dura Mater (non toxic) – under $18

EYE Dissection Kits

Eye Kit w/Supplies – under $15
Sheep Eye under $11.50
Cow Eye, plain (non toxic) – under $11.50

HEART Dissection Kits

Pig Heart Kit w/Supplies – under $18
Pig Heart (plain, non toxic) – under $17
Sheep Heart (non toxic) – under $15

KIDNEY Dissection Kits

Pig Kidney, Double Color Injected (nontoxic) – under $18
Sheep Kidney (nontoxic) – under $14
Pig Kidney, plain (non toxic) – under $15
Pig Kidney, Triple Color Injected (non toxic) – under $18

CRAYFISH Dissection Kits

Crayfish, 4+ inches, Pail of 10 (non toxic) – under $20
Crayfish 3-4 inches, Pail of 10 (non toxic) – under $15
Crayfish BioKit for 30 Students – under $54


Earthworms, Tube of 10 (non toxic) – under $15

FROG Dissection Kits

Frog BioKit for 30 Students under $67
BullFrog BioKit for 30 Studentsunder $165
Single Frog Dissection KIT (non toxic)- under $19
Jumbo Frog 3-4 in. (nontoxic) – under $14
Frog – 5+ inches (non toxic) – under $18
X-Jumbo Frog 4-5 in. (nontoxic) – under $15
X-Jumbo Frog 4-5″, Triple Color Injection (non toxic) – under $18
X-Jumbo Frog 4-5″, Double Color Injection (non toxic) – under $17
BullFrog 6-7″, Double Color Injection(non toxic) – $28


Grasshoppers, Jar of 15 (non toxic) – under $15


Fetal Pig BioKit for 30 Students, Double Injected w/Supplies – $340 
Fetal Pig, 7-10 Inch, Double Color Injected
 Kit w/Supplies under $53
Fetal Pig, 10-13 Inch, Double Color Injected (non toxic) under $35
Single Pig KIT, Double Color Injected (non toxic) under $36


Mink, 15 inch, Triple Color Injected (non toxic) – under $25
Mink, 15 inch, Single Color Injected (non toxic) – under $22
Mink, 15 inch, Double Color Injected (non toxic) – under $23


Rat, 7-9 Inch, Triple Color Injected (non toxic) – under $25
Rat, 7-9 Inch, Double Color Injected(non toxic) – under $21
Advanced Rat Biokit for 30 Students (15 Double Injected Rats) – under $205


Blue Crab (non toxic) – under $13.50




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