The History of the Tea Bag – Did You Know It??

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Since SO many of you didn’t know about the history of the tea bag I thought I would share a little information about it! We’ve been watching Only in America with Larry the Cable Guy on the History Channel. He goes around the US finding unique things about each city and finding those keeping true to American traditions and tells their story. This is where I first heard about the invention of the tea bag.
The tea bag was accidentally invented in 1908 by Thomas Sullivan, who was a tea importer. He sent the loose tea leaves to clients in small silk bags to help cut costs, but when the clients received them they started placing the entire tea bag in the cup and then steeped the entire bag to make their brew. As a result of this accidental mis-use his buyers soon preferred their tea in a silk bag and began ordering more! Sullivan did not even realize this until his buyers began complaining that their tea did not include the bags!


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  1. Did Larry say where this guy was from? Like which state. My daughters and I are learning about the states in the Northeast and this would be a perfect plug-in if he was from one of the original 13 colonies.


  2. The Teachers Wife says:

    Oh I didn't even realize I forgot to put that in!! 🙂 New York!

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