How to Wash a Cow in Your Kitchen Sink – Florida-style

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I only have 6 days left until I move out of Florida and each passing day leaves less and less time to sit and get online. Not to mention time with my kids! Along with taking the time to pack I am also trying to wash off our outside yard toys….including a cow! So to give everyone a good laugh this post is dedicated to my new friends in Iowa! 

How to Wash a Cow in Your Kitchen Sink – Florida-style

1. Find a cow in need of washing.

2. Place your cow in sink.

3. Grab a buddy and a brush. Washing a cow by yourself is a tough job!

4. Don’t forget to rub it’s belly!

5. Make sure to keep your cow happy. Don’t forget to give her a drink!

6. Pat her dry – you don’t want her catching a cold!

Now that’s one clean cow!!

Are you lacking a cow? We received ours from Fabricas Selectas USA. And of course you can always buy a cow on Amazon!

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  1. Virginia Ott says:

    We live in the country and currently have 1 one year old cow. I can tell you, washing your cow is much easier then washing ours. Enjoy!

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