Ideas on How to Do Your Own School Fundraiser!

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Has your school ever considered doing their own school fundraiser instead of going through a catalog company? I can guarantee you it might be more work but you’ll make a LOT MORE MONEY! You could put your school name on products and sell it for a few dollars more if you have someone that is decent enough in adding logos or graphics to things! They have everything from lunch bags, duffel bags, candy, water bottles, magnets, and SO much more! Instead of selling chocolate or candy through a catalog you could even make your own candy wrappers that say “Support your Elementary School!”. It would be a neat “thank you” idea for your local businesses that support your school as well!
I know my husband has been doing a lot of PR work for his school in getting sponsors for their field day that they just had! As a thank you to the businesses involved the school is hosting a small thank you dinner for them. It would be a neat idea to pass out pens or other office supplies with the school’s name on them too! Not only would the name of your school get out there, you are showing a kind gesture that will remind others to think of your school when they use your gear!
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Ideas for School Fundraisers:

Color Run
Tie Dye Day
Discount Cards
Annual School Carnival
Yearbook Ads for Local Businesses

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