Being Thankful During the Holidays

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My blog is all about saving money and learning about great educational resources, but in all reality- the thing that truly matters the most is not money (or lack thereof!) or things, it’s our family and friends. The holidays are so much fun, and I just love buying gifts for people, but when it all boils down to it- it’s all about the people. Where would you be if you had no friends or no family?
 Don’t get too busy during the holidays to remember why you do what you do. Everything I do, whether on this blog or in ‘reality’ is for my husband and for my kids. They aren’t going to grow up saying “Oh my mom has this awesome blog”, they will grow up saying how fun mom is and how much we get to do together and how much she’s taught me. Although we need money to survive in our current situations- money isn’t everything. I know money can be stressful- our family has thousands of dollars owed in medical expenses, but I’d rather have that than not have my family.
Don’t get upset if you miss a great deal, or put that one extra item on your credit card- be thankful for the family and friends that you do have- because they are what matters most! Next week I will be at my hubby’s grandparents house for the week. I’ve already planned a great week of neat ideas and posts that I have worked hard on writing, so this blog will keep running, but I will be spending much needed time with my family- they matter more to me than anything in the world!

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