Hasbro Games Bejeweled Review

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Have you ever played Bejewled? It’s ADDICTING! It’s Grandma’s fault I ever even learned about this addiction. She had bought the computer game Bejeweled and not only was I hooked but my 5 year old was surprisingly really good at it too! We actually had to fight over the computer to play it when we visited Grandma. I absolutely LOVE it. So when I found out that Hasbro Games has turned PopCap’s Bejeweled game into a REAL physical (not digital) game I begged them to send it to me!! (and then crossed my fingers and toes hoping I would get it!) If you haven’t played Bejeweled the object of the game is to swap gems directly next to each other (horizontally or vertically, not diagonally) to match 3 in a row. Traditionally it’s been in a computer software or app form – now, the madness can come to your dining room table!

Hasbro Popcap Bejeweled Game

*BLING* How exciting! I am so excited that Hasbro agreed to let me review their new Bejeweled game and I haven’t been able to put it away since I got it! In fact my son hogged the game the entire night when we first opened it!! It says it’s for ages 8+ but my highly gifted 6 year old has no problems playing it. AND you can have up to 4 players for this Bejeweled game so it’s definitely a fun choice for a family game night.

Hasbro Popcap Bejeweled Game

Looking at this game just makes me smile. You have NO idea how much I love these types of games. I LOVE that they created a “real-life” version of Bejeweled and it’s very easy to play. You just have to set up the board up which takes a few minutes initially – place all of the jewels on the game board and try not to make matches as you’re setting it up.

Hasbro Popcap Bejeweled Game

It also comes with glitter jewels that you add in to the game as you play so you have to work around them just as you would on the digital Bejeweled game. And it includes “coins” that you collect as you create your matches. You can take 1 coin for every match of 3, 2 coins for matches of 5, etc. As you pick up your matches of 3+ gems off of the board you have to slide the remaining row of gems up and replace the empty places with new gems out of the bag.

Hasbro Popcap Bejeweled Game

I think my son sat at the table for almost 2 hours the first night playing it with himself. Of course it was sort of an endless game but he loved it! Then my husband and I played it together – the first one to win 3 of the same colored coins wins! The jewels themselves seem pretty sturdy and don’t look like they’ll break unless you stomp on them pretty hard. I did have to grab a ziploc bag to store all of our coins & gems in but it was no big deal. Besides the awesomeness of having Bejeweled “in real life”  you know what else we loved? It came with a free Bejeweled 3 app download! We hadn’t even set the game up and my son was begging me to “hurry up and download it already”! Hah! I love it! It’s a great strategy game – and if you haven’t played it,  you need to join the addiction! 🙂 Seriously I am SO SO SO happy they made this non-digital game version of Bejeweled and it’s incredibly simple to play on your table.

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  1. Yes, the computer, Xbox, and on my phone! lol

  2. Yes, I love bejeweled!

  3. I LOVE playing on my phone when I’m waiting for something like a doctor or appointment. It’s a great way to pass some time and not get caught up in a complex game.

  4. not yet

  5. Yes, I love this game and the board game version would be great in the classroom too!

  6. Joanne M. says:

    Love that game, but it can become a bit of an obsession. lol

  7. Rachel D. says:

    Yes, I love playing bejeweled!

  8. Great game!

  9. I play it on Facebook and love it! My husband has told me I’m addicted to it! 🙂

  10. Kimberly Schotz says:

    I have played on the computer

  11. Debbie Welchert says:

    I have never played Bejeweled.

  12. Jennifer Rogers says:

    I’ve played Bejeweled on the computer!

  13. Rhonda P. says:

    Yes, on the computer.

  14. on the computer, yes

  15. not much for games myself but my wife plays it all the time

  16. Yes, on the computer. Love it.

  17. Great game!

  18. Yes, Yes, Yes, all the time

  19. Jennifer Jean says:

    Yes! Love it!

  20. Yes, on the computer

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